Its Gifting time :)

Well, I am little worried as the festive days are arriving, my college buddies birthdays are around the corner and New Year is not so far. Wait..  I am listing all the happy moments, but my worry is I am always remembered by my friends as a special and something unique!

So I should be remain as like by gifting them the things which give them a meaningful value and it should make special to them to treasure and remember me with it 🙂 At this point of time I come across where I can find some good ideas to gift as well as I can express my feelings in the form of gifts!  Previously I find difficult to find gift to my loved ones, then I realized why I couldn’t have find this little earlier to treasure the moments!

I am very much impressed with this website & its easy to navigate and very hassle free.

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I find a best gifting item which suits for Birthday’s, House warming, Marriage celebrations, Rakhi day and Friendship days etc, I couldn’t get anything better than this. It looks royal treat and it fits for all the happy moments!


Assorted Cashew Selection

 And always glimpsed that I should be remembered by my friends with any part of the world they goes, so the gifts in just adores my flavors!

I am little religious and I find this, it’s a unique way of gifting and it makes the receivers to feel blessed all the time. It’s purely handcrafted by experts with detailed silver finish and a hint of red.


Relaxing Silver Ganesha

 as this is very calm & relaxing it makes the viewers to feel the same and as Ganesha it remove obstacles and brings joy to them, this makes a perfect gift for the House warming and for the couples during the marriage!

I thank it has some wide variety of gifts and saves time to shop and I didn’t have to face any problems in choosing the best gifts as it has all the quality stuffs located in specified gallery!

I am very fascinated about this as this is perfect companion for the small babies  and this toys were handcrafted by our rural folks by looking in developing point of view, encouraging the stuffs prepared by Rural places is perfect way to give them a good exposure!  And the toy is very catchy, attractive and  wonderful to snuggle up with the baby everywhere!


Handcrafted Stuffed Bunny

Overall I liked it very much and suggest everyone to experience gifting to makes everyone special and I can feel the happiness in their eyes and the satisfaction in my Heart and  it creates a wonderful set of memories to rejoice over 🙂


Salute to Pilots :)

It is one of the Biggest Asia’s Biggest Aero Show captured in my Digital Camera 🙂 17

Where the Biggest man-made birds going to Thrill you with the awesomeness and brings all the expert pilots around thw world to exhibit their Talent and to showcase their flying skills.Well it happens in once in TWO years,


the Aero India defence exhibition and aerobatics show at Yelahanka Air Force Station, Bangalore. There we can find all Sorts of plane parts amd their Flying tricks and efforts, well I remember few of names which thrilled for the whole day.


Firstly its Russian Knights on duty in their Sukhoi Su-27. Crew: Lt Alexander Bogoan, Lt Oleg Epofeev, Major Denis Plaksin, Major Sergen and Lt Alekseev. This crew displayed some magical moments in the SKY, then its French twin-engine Dassault Rafale fighter which stuns the People with its skills .


Next is our India’s very own IAF Tejas aka Light Combat Aircraft and Indian Air Force RUDRA The LCH , Exhibited the skills to the maximum to rejoice everyone with WOW moments!


And next with The massive and one among the world’s largest planes, Boeing C-17 stuns the spectators with its Zooooooi Sound ! Like this it made our body, mind and soul rejuvenated. It creates a wonderfull set of memories to rejoice over 🙂


A Place to Remember

Located in the southern district of Karnataka , Mandaragiri Hill, Kyathsandra, Tumkur , well it is not touted to be a the famous religious place, but it is worth a visit


I am not religious, but I am attracted to the mysticism of religion, the spiritual aspect of Jains made me to visit this place! this is relatively less crowded and offers an extremely peaceful sojourn away from the mad rush of city life.

24 After I reached this place with friends, We spent some time with exploring the place and getting to know the local there. After a good exploration, We went ahead to discover the Jain temple which is just below the Mandaragiri hill, The temple had a mesmerizing view.


The pathway that leads to the hill has some 400 steps above the ground level. we went ahead to immerse ourself to climb the hill, Much to my surprise, the view was Awesome and created a vibrant in me , such an ecstatic feeling to express, it made me to feel like a WOW! After the rejuvenating feeling I opened my camera and started exploring the different view of the hill and the city from there, after capturing few memories I feel little tired so we took some rest and came back in the evening! It was really refreshing indeed,


it made our body, mind and soul rejuvenated. Now we are back home with a new set of memories to rejoice over 🙂