MS Dhoni – The name says it all

“Can i meet MS Dhoni ??” Yes, this is the question that makes me mad again and again! Well, It is every Indian’s dream to meet Captain Cool once in their life time. he has been an Inspiration to millions and a role model for his achievements that how he turned his life from Ticket Collector to BEST Captain and what he did for India in his era. His Records, Achievements, Coolness, Calm under Pressure, Trophies, Cups, Encouragement to juniors, Supporting all other games apart from Cricket as he is the Co-Owner of Chennai ISL team, Co-Owner of Jharkhand hockey team and many more!


by seeing all these in my eyes he is been an Inspiration to me for being good human being above all! Its been a dream for me to meet the Gorgeous MS Dhoni, He not only gave us the Oxygen in the Cricket environment, he also gave us the reason why India treat Cricket as Religion, Each & everyone was Depressed, frustrated & whats over after the 2007 WC exit of India, Its only you & team spirit which gave us the taste of Victory & Not just that, he lead India from front & gave us 2011 WC [Even today My eyes gets wet thinking about that moment] A Perfect Leader I think No another moment would be Worth then this one.An absolute Star 🙂 Well the day has finally arrived when Castrol Cricket organised a contest to “Meet and Greet Chennai Super Kings” during Champions League 2014, more important the meet is in my home town Bangalore. I couldn’t ask for any more from god, with the blessings of God I took part in the contest, and yes i was one among TOP-10 winners among the list across India.

Meet and Greet day September 23rd 2014

I couldn’t turn off the smile that started on my face since the result announcement, i am literally on cloud9, I couldn’t expect any more from god, With the blessings of God and with my Lady Luck, I went to ITC Gardania, Bangalore, So it was the Meet and Greet Place, It was well neatly arranged by Castrol Oil team with well support of ITC Hotel team.


And there comes a Whistles sound from the Speaker and there is an Entry of Thala MS Dhoni, Most eligible Bachelor Suresh Raina, Spin Wizard Ravichandran Ashwin, Dashing opener Dwayne Smith, Game changer Dwayne Bravo and Promising young Bowler Mohit sharma into the Stage. Everyone has been warmly welcomed by the CEO of Castrol Team and they were given a chance to ask questions from the contest winners and they answered in very Flirty way. They are so Enjoying. I couldn’t believe i am seeing MS Dhoni with just feets away, OMG feeling in my heart! I still Remember when Anchor Fires a Ball at 150 kmph to MS Dhoni that is

Anchor : ” Do you guys believe in any superstitious in the dressing room or before Entering to the field ??”

MSD : ” Everyone has their own belief, and **he messaged something in the ear of Dwayne Bravo**

Anchor : What is that MS, Audience wants to hear that message too”

MSD : Well, ” It’s Censored” ** Smiles all the way 😛


Like this MS Dhoni Launches his Helicopter Shot for the Anchor’s ball 😀

there are many more happened in that event! 🙂 After some chit chat anchor calls each table audience/Winners to have a Photo session with the CSK Lions, Well when my table called i just ran first to stand behind MS Dhoni, but unfortunately i missed by a whisker though i stand very Close to my Inspiration and Stunning man Suresh Raina…


Wow Wow.. I was stunned and Spell Bounded at the moment, i pinched myself many times to feel myself its true that i met my dream model, Role Model, Inspiration and many more! Truly felt very lucky on that day! It was a day to remember in my life! I can’t Forget, I thank Castrol team for organizing an event which fulfilled dreams of many Cricket Lovers!

from that day i can proudly say ” I met MS Dhoni” the champion of Cricket, Simple, Kind Heart and a man who still trying to making us proud 🙂


May be this is not My personnel one around but this has Obviously touched Millions & Millions of Hearts by Joy & Happiness, Dhoni A PERFECT HERO 🙂 All the best to you Captain 🙂 Love You Forever 🙂


Madikeri: Paradise on earth

According to me the best way to relax is to go for a trip to a place which is full of greenery, free from pollution and which can bring calmness to our mind, So in our leisure time of our busy life we should definitely go for a journey, when i heard the word ‘Journey’ the first thing that strikes mind is hill stations. Yes then we planned for a trip to Madikeri, It is located on the southern part of Karnataka, usually named for its beautiful hill stations, temples and water falls across the city.

Yes, its a journey to Madikeri and we went to the most beautiful temple “Golden Temple”  It’s the largest Tibetan Settlement in Southern India and monastery locally called “Golden Temple”, in Bylakuppe, near Kushal Nagar, Madikeri. After a sumptuous breakfast we set off our sojourn to Golden Temple,

11    30

During this journey we came across some good sceneries which are feast to eyes & can not be found in any other part of India, the major attraction in that temple is the Temple and the people around there. When we entered the temple we find many saints were praying and some were in meditation with lord Buddha, We took some blessings with those saints and enjoyed the inner beauty of the temple, it was a spectacular sight of glittering designs, after taking some snaps  & spending some time in the temple, we came outside and we can shop for Tibetan handicrafts, decorative and religious items.

49 19

As it is just one day trip we set off on the last leg of our trip to Omkareshwara Temple, It is a beautiful temple which located In the middle of Madikeri, built in a Mohammedan style, which is famous for its beauty its worth watching. we enjoyed our time there. by seeing the beauty of these temples, i was really dumb founded. I never saw such wonderful temples and sights.


The ambiance over there was so pleasing that i didn’t feel like leaving the place. then we boarded to our bus and came back to our place after a day long sojourn to madikeri.


this gives me pleasure and reinforced my Activeness. Its a place which can bewitch you and yet can make you bow to its charms 🙂

Time goes but Memories doesn’t!

“Can I go back to my Childhood days ? “ – the same questions rewinds me again and again, whenever I saw a Smiling child, Playing kid, Chit chats at the bus stand etc which h brings those enormous energy & naughty kid inside us.

Well, it gives me the goose bumps whenever I revisit to childhood days of my life no matter whatever may be the occasion or the situation is!

One things I wish to share here is the celebration of festivals, that too Ganesha Festival was the stand out ONE, in that celebration days the last day that is, the visarjan day was the best day for our gang to bring out the best in us in the form of dance, style, stunts, masti and splashing colors many more . it just a dream for me to think about those moments, really missing them.

IMG_2038 DSC01575

Its on Wednesday night around 11pm I am in my office cab with 2 of my colleagues and the manager and we were struck in the traffic. The manager was call a business call and I felt something is happening on the road and put my head outside the window and I can hear the desi beats where smile splashes automatically on my face, yes it was Ganesha Visarjan was going on!


And my mind and heart started went down to my memory timeline and started to soak me in the beats , dance and whistles of the visarjan event, when our cab started moving towards it and the beats sound getting louder and my mind started involving into the rhythm & without knowing myself I started enjoying myself by shaking my head and top sound from my legs! It surely forgets me where I am ! when I soaked completely in that beats, I didn’t even notice when I reached my flat! With the same mode I went to sleep, and had a good sleep I say!

The next part is quite interesting when I reached office in the next day morning, my manager gave a little smile when said good morning to him, and I started working as usually by opening my lappy, and my colleague who sits next to me had a big naughty smile on his face and said good morning to me, I was surprised to see the different gestures from my manager and my colleague, I asked my colleague for the reason, and he told I was completely turned on my masti mode yesterday and whistled twice in the cab for the beats which were coming from the Ganesha visarjan event!  Then me with wide open eyes laughed a bit and told him that it was not me, its the memory that present within myself.

“That’s the POWER of my Childhood Memory” 😛

Yes! In this way my childhood memory has bring a smile on my colleague’s face 🙂

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Times Food Awards 2014: Where food gets Oscars!

Its “Khooni” Monday, first day of the week, and Bengaluru is all set to witness the celebrations of food and life awards with the full of glamour beauty, stars and with the best food!  yes its  The Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2015 it made all people to turned up for this event no matter what ever the day is! Its an event with a combination of sandalwood stars, corporate giants, hotel owners with their chefs and the best best Bengaluru culinaries were all set to make this event in a grand style!

2014-12-08 10.10.13

Well with around 40 prizes to be given away for the Bengaluru life our beloved singer Anuj Gurwara  kick started the show with his funny quotes which welcomes everyone with a smiley note!

20141208_205840 20141208_205203

 he welcomed our stunning roking star Yash for the event as he is the chief guest of the event! and our yash unevils the guide which is been authored by Suresh Hinduja and himself took the opportunity to welcome the gathering for the years award ceremony!

DSC02595   DSC02592

after inaugurating the times food guide Yash presented some awards, after yash its the turn of other corporate giants, sandal wood stars and businessmen to walk up to the stage and hand over the prizes to the deserved food joints in the town! its the best time all the stars to have chit chat with the other stars and have a great time with them in the award ceremony,

DSC02596 DSC02601

and after award ceremony it was the time for everyone to test their taste buds with the offerings laid down by the winning restaurants , it has got all the varieties beginning from North Indian, Pan-Asian, Italian, Chinese, Chettinad or Japanese etc! Every star forgets about diet and were all set to test their tasting buds, nobody wants to miss this this opportunity, all were very happy with the well fabricated event,  with this note the ceremony ended on a high note by remembering its just Monday 😛 , the first day if the week 😛  😀


Powered by Nitish B (Left) and Me (Right)

Pawan Kumar – The Inspirer

Pawan kumar, the name itself sounds like paWON , yeah he is the guy who won the millions people with his innovative talent and his creativity, who made his dreams come true with creativity and his ideas and he showcased his exuberant talent to this world with his movies!

Well, he is one of the finest directors in our kannada film industry, the sheer of talent I can say!

Lifeu ishtene is his debut movie as a director, and it’s the reason to “Move ON” from old generation to new creative generation, he did excellently well by showcasing the importance of LOVE and what is love and difference between love and infatuation in the form of a careless young star, how he overcomes his life with his careless attitude and finally made him to realize what is true love is!

And the next one is a trend setter the biggest block buster in the industry, he redefined the movie making in India with his 2nd movie i.e. LUCIA, it has lot things to say and it has got many things in its bag in terms of awards and its innovativeness, well it’s the  first Kannada feature film to be completely Crowd Funded! This movie will surely hold you till the end, and that’s how he makes! This movie bags many awards around the globe and it added one more feather to his cap of creativity and made him to stand tall and step ahead in the industry!

And yes, after watching this movie I had a small feeling in my heart that I should meet this guy and should take a picture with this brilliant! And it took almost a year and it finally come true in #TimeFoodAwards ceremony on 08/12/2014 at ITC Gardania, Bengaluru!  When I watching this prize distribution suddenly door opens in Prize givers section where all the big celebs were settled, relaxed and enjoying the show and Pawan kumar entered, Well he is such a down to earth person where he stands around 10-15 mins for searching a place to sit in that section, may be he couldn’t guided properly I guess! I liked his approach that he didn’t disturbed any one in that section! And he finds a seat after few mins! And I am eager to meet him once! Well, the time as arrived he got a phone call and he went outside, and I rushed outside with my friend to have chance to meet pawan kumar! And yes I met this guy and took a picture with him and wished for his next big adventure ( C10 H14 N2 ) yes, I took a pic with him and wished him for his next movie, yes!  it made my day and a dream of years, 27

Yeah his next movie is C10 H14 N2 the name itself scratches many of your heads for sure, that’s how his creative mind thinks with a passion of serving innovativeness to the viewers!

I wish all the best to you sir, and for your next movie, this upcoming movie will definitely add one more feather to your cap for sure, A lot to learn from you, and you are the inspiration to many of us! 🙂


Thanks for the photo sir:)

here is the few Awards that Pawan kumar has achieved in his career. Source ( ) 🙂

Awards and Recognitions in Theatre and Films

  • 2013 – Audience Choice Award for Best Film – Lucia at London Indian Film Festival
  • 2013 – Best Director, Filmfare Best Director  for Lucia
  • 2012 – Young Creative Entrepreneur Award (Digital for Creative Industries) 2012 by British Council
  • 2011 – Best Director, Filmfare Best Director Nomination for Lifeu Ishtene
  • 2011 – Best Director, Bangalore Times Award for Lifeu Ishtene
  • 2009 – Young Performing Arts Entrepreneur 2009 (India finalist) by British Council
  • 2007 – Osians Indian Talent Campus 2007
  • 2006 – Ability Foundation Short Films 2007 (Finalist)
  • 2006 – Indian Young Achiever 2006 (Finalist)
  • 2006 – 101 Genesis Film Project 2006 (Finalist)
  • 2002 – Best Actor Thespo 2002
  • 1997 – Best Creative Direction for Times Playfest

Thank god! That was a Dream…

Well, that was the day where every engineering student is dreamt of; it was the day which I waited from the day when I joined engineering.  Yeah, it s the campus recruitment day and yes it’s the D-Day too. It was the first MNC Company to visit our college for recruitment. We all students were equally excited as our college!

And yes we had prepared well with the helpful guidance from our college placement department and we already aware that the Interview process has 3 rounds! Written test: Technical round: and Final HR round!

I had group of 8 friends, all are eagerly awaited to get into the company and we all were prepared well 100/100 for it! And we reached college on time and juniors welcomes us warmly & wished Good luck to each and every one!  And in the very next minute my sir called my name and told me take my seat for the written test in front of the PC, and the time was 60 mins for the written test, It started well and with few head scratches I did well with the written test and we all 8 friends were happy with each and everyone’s efforts! Immediately after the test we were directed to sit in the auditorium for the results! With some holding on some nerves my names was called 2nd in the list and I am on cloud 9 but I knew that the it wasn’t over. I need to do well in the next rounds, when I come out of that happiness mode; I was shocked with the result that 2 of my friends were not shortlisted for the next two rounds! Without waiting for next minute they were instructed the shortlisted students to enter the Interview rooms, and I was called inside for the technical round and it took me around 40-45 mins and I am extremely happy with my efforts. In the mean time remaining my 5 friends were also done with their 2nd round!

After waiting some hardly two hours we were called for final HR round and before entering room we corrected our shirts and the tie, and the good thing that I was the 1st to call for the final HR round, and I entered the room with pleasant smile and sat on the chair with seeking the permission of the HR! but I noticed some weird thing in the eyes of the HR, without being asked any questions my body started feeling the heat and sweat starts on my face, without waiting for next second my hands touched my face to clean the sweat and it touched the beard…. OMGrrrrrrrr….  Ooops it was a Dream!!!

I wake up suddenly and Shockingly saw the time and it’s just 5am, hmmm i pampered myself and realized that i have Gillette, then immediately I rushed to my bathroom and took out my new Gillette blade and shaved neatly for the interview day, well I am relaxed and realized that, it was just a dream that what I saw!

With a neat clean shave I attended the interview on that day and you know the result of it, finally out of  my 8 friends 4 were selected to the company including me and we were working here in the same company!

Thanks to Gillette for the quick help and making me to show the value of small things that can make the big differences!

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen- John Wooden”

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Education- Much needed one!

Hunger and Education are the two main drawbacks of India which pulling down from reaching the top in development! The problem arises when people think about daily needs and money, this is the major issue in a country like India where it’s fully loaded with middle class and low class people where they have work daily for their daily wages! In this case they first concentrate on FOOD that is only the present, rather than education which is future part. When they are in this dilemma we should help them realize the facts and should let their children to give education and we should make them to understand that education should bring fruitful returns in terms of better life, adaptability and the supremacy of human race over the other!

The need of an education is very important as per the development of children in terms of physically as well as mentally; it will build a confidence and make them to understand the present world and the future of their life so they can able to live their rest of the life without being slave to poverty!

The main thing which pulling out basic education is poverty, where it kills internally as well as externally to the people and try to erase the fate of an individual’s, it will be a nightmare for the some children’s to see the step of schools but being a educated people like us and the big organizations as to come forward and join the hands to eradicate poverty in terms by creating an awareness by spreading the fruitiness and significance of education!

The majority of people were poor and they send their little children to work without giving an education just for the sake of living. Well this is the one of the demotivating factor that they think only about the present but education does the future to them! With the ability of education we can get connected to the world and establish ourselves in the society and will leave a mark for the next generation to follow up!

People has to realize the power of education and significance effects on education by letting them to feel the value of education and how it will reward to them  in future!


Let us join the hands together and spread the awareness to make India Educated and poverty free.

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