Education- Much needed one!

Hunger and Education are the two main drawbacks of India which pulling down from reaching the top in development! The problem arises when people think about daily needs and money, this is the major issue in a country like India where it’s fully loaded with middle class and low class people where they have work daily for their daily wages! In this case they first concentrate on FOOD that is only the present, rather than education which is future part. When they are in this dilemma we should help them realize the facts and should let their children to give education and we should make them to understand that education should bring fruitful returns in terms of better life, adaptability and the supremacy of human race over the other!

The need of an education is very important as per the development of children in terms of physically as well as mentally; it will build a confidence and make them to understand the present world and the future of their life so they can able to live their rest of the life without being slave to poverty!

The main thing which pulling out basic education is poverty, where it kills internally as well as externally to the people and try to erase the fate of an individual’s, it will be a nightmare for the some children’s to see the step of schools but being a educated people like us and the big organizations as to come forward and join the hands to eradicate poverty in terms by creating an awareness by spreading the fruitiness and significance of education!

The majority of people were poor and they send their little children to work without giving an education just for the sake of living. Well this is the one of the demotivating factor that they think only about the present but education does the future to them! With the ability of education we can get connected to the world and establish ourselves in the society and will leave a mark for the next generation to follow up!

People has to realize the power of education and significance effects on education by letting them to feel the value of education and how it will reward to them  in future!


Let us join the hands together and spread the awareness to make India Educated and poverty free.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


Author: Ugly Indian

Simple♥, Humble♥, Generous♥, L♥vable, and Goes on....♥♥ ツ Engineering by Choice, Banker as a Profession 😉. Photography has become my favourite activity since my Engineering days, and now it turned out to be a part of my Life. It's my Passion actually ☺ and Blogging is adding cherry to the cake for my Photography! 😆

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