Pawan Kumar – The Inspirer

Pawan kumar, the name itself sounds like paWON , yeah he is the guy who won the millions people with his innovative talent and his creativity, who made his dreams come true with creativity and his ideas and he showcased his exuberant talent to this world with his movies!

Well, he is one of the finest directors in our kannada film industry, the sheer of talent I can say!

Lifeu ishtene is his debut movie as a director, and it’s the reason to “Move ON” from old generation to new creative generation, he did excellently well by showcasing the importance of LOVE and what is love and difference between love and infatuation in the form of a careless young star, how he overcomes his life with his careless attitude and finally made him to realize what is true love is!

And the next one is a trend setter the biggest block buster in the industry, he redefined the movie making in India with his 2nd movie i.e. LUCIA, it has lot things to say and it has got many things in its bag in terms of awards and its innovativeness, well it’s the  first Kannada feature film to be completely Crowd Funded! This movie will surely hold you till the end, and that’s how he makes! This movie bags many awards around the globe and it added one more feather to his cap of creativity and made him to stand tall and step ahead in the industry!

And yes, after watching this movie I had a small feeling in my heart that I should meet this guy and should take a picture with this brilliant! And it took almost a year and it finally come true in #TimeFoodAwards ceremony on 08/12/2014 at ITC Gardania, Bengaluru!  When I watching this prize distribution suddenly door opens in Prize givers section where all the big celebs were settled, relaxed and enjoying the show and Pawan kumar entered, Well he is such a down to earth person where he stands around 10-15 mins for searching a place to sit in that section, may be he couldn’t guided properly I guess! I liked his approach that he didn’t disturbed any one in that section! And he finds a seat after few mins! And I am eager to meet him once! Well, the time as arrived he got a phone call and he went outside, and I rushed outside with my friend to have chance to meet pawan kumar! And yes I met this guy and took a picture with him and wished for his next big adventure ( C10 H14 N2 ) yes, I took a pic with him and wished him for his next movie, yes!  it made my day and a dream of years, 27

Yeah his next movie is C10 H14 N2 the name itself scratches many of your heads for sure, that’s how his creative mind thinks with a passion of serving innovativeness to the viewers!

I wish all the best to you sir, and for your next movie, this upcoming movie will definitely add one more feather to your cap for sure, A lot to learn from you, and you are the inspiration to many of us! 🙂


Thanks for the photo sir:)

here is the few Awards that Pawan kumar has achieved in his career. Source ( ) 🙂

Awards and Recognitions in Theatre and Films

  • 2013 – Audience Choice Award for Best Film – Lucia at London Indian Film Festival
  • 2013 – Best Director, Filmfare Best Director  for Lucia
  • 2012 – Young Creative Entrepreneur Award (Digital for Creative Industries) 2012 by British Council
  • 2011 – Best Director, Filmfare Best Director Nomination for Lifeu Ishtene
  • 2011 – Best Director, Bangalore Times Award for Lifeu Ishtene
  • 2009 – Young Performing Arts Entrepreneur 2009 (India finalist) by British Council
  • 2007 – Osians Indian Talent Campus 2007
  • 2006 – Ability Foundation Short Films 2007 (Finalist)
  • 2006 – Indian Young Achiever 2006 (Finalist)
  • 2006 – 101 Genesis Film Project 2006 (Finalist)
  • 2002 – Best Actor Thespo 2002
  • 1997 – Best Creative Direction for Times Playfest

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