Madikeri: Paradise on earth

According to me the best way to relax is to go for a trip to a place which is full of greenery, free from pollution and which can bring calmness to our mind, So in our leisure time of our busy life we should definitely go for a journey, when i heard the word ‘Journey’ the first thing that strikes mind is hill stations. Yes then we planned for a trip to Madikeri, It is located on the southern part of Karnataka, usually named for its beautiful hill stations, temples and water falls across the city.

Yes, its a journey to Madikeri and we went to the most beautiful temple “Golden Temple”  It’s the largest Tibetan Settlement in Southern India and monastery locally called “Golden Temple”, in Bylakuppe, near Kushal Nagar, Madikeri. After a sumptuous breakfast we set off our sojourn to Golden Temple,

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During this journey we came across some good sceneries which are feast to eyes & can not be found in any other part of India, the major attraction in that temple is the Temple and the people around there. When we entered the temple we find many saints were praying and some were in meditation with lord Buddha, We took some blessings with those saints and enjoyed the inner beauty of the temple, it was a spectacular sight of glittering designs, after taking some snaps  & spending some time in the temple, we came outside and we can shop for Tibetan handicrafts, decorative and religious items.

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As it is just one day trip we set off on the last leg of our trip to Omkareshwara Temple, It is a beautiful temple which located In the middle of Madikeri, built in a Mohammedan style, which is famous for its beauty its worth watching. we enjoyed our time there. by seeing the beauty of these temples, i was really dumb founded. I never saw such wonderful temples and sights.


The ambiance over there was so pleasing that i didn’t feel like leaving the place. then we boarded to our bus and came back to our place after a day long sojourn to madikeri.


this gives me pleasure and reinforced my Activeness. Its a place which can bewitch you and yet can make you bow to its charms 🙂


Author: Ugly Indian

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