Bolt: The RED Beauty…

Well, yeah!  the day has arrived. To meet and thrill the experience of the machine that has already made a remarkable entry to the automobile industry by its phenomenal and unique features. Yes, guys its TATA BOLT! the red beauty. it has got the Vibrancy in its look. the features of it has almost set the new marks in the automobiles with its world class standards. its a stunning four wheeler from TATA motors.
© SathishPhotography

Thanks to Blogadda for giving me a chance to meet this Red Beast, to meet this beast and thrill my excitement i set my ride to Manyata Tech park, Bangalore. At the time when i reached the arena, this red beast has been surrounded by many enthusiastic people and all the volunteers are busy in explaining the uniqueness of this Machine!  By that time i was just stunned with its 360 degree look, the beauty of its Vibrant look, Truly it has got the world class standard design, exuberant interior look, very advanced outlook, the shape of the machine has been magnificent, this made everyone to take a selfie with it. Grrrr.. yeah.. even i also took many selfies with this Beauty. After they finished with the other people, they arrived to me and briefed this master piece. which makes me look wondering all the time 😛   Hmmm, okay.. i won’t hold you further, i know you are looking for its attributes. it has got many unique features lets see few of them now! 😀
© SathishPhotography

First Multi Drive Car, Yes seems very special and makes your eyebrows up! Yes, its the the first multi drive car which has three different modes 1] SPORT 2] ECO 3] CITY these are the three different modes which can be operated just by a click of a button. So it will makes us easier to drive wherever we want, only Bolt will take care of the rest. 🙂
© SathishPhotography
© SathishPhotography

Technology, it has got some jaw dropping interface with the technology, it certainly takes its level further up and surely sets its own benchmark in the industry! It has got ConnectNext Touchscreen infotainment System which is designed by the HARMAN brand. this establishes the connectivity with almost all forms of USB drives and Bluetooth integration. and mainly it facilitates smartphone enabled navigation from “MapMyIndia” smartphone app and on top of that it also comes with Voice Recognition and added with voice recognition technology. this is surely the highlight of this machine 🙂

Safety, Yes its the most important question when it comes to drive on Indian roads. Yes, this bolt has equipped with GEN ABS by BOSCH it is most suited for smooth drives as well as Rash drives! it will add confidence to the drivers. it has got Auto-lock facility to lock the doors automatically when it reaches minimum speed of 10 kmph. it has disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the back. and it has got dual srs airbags to safeguard the passengers in case of any emergencies! this is one of the very unique that stunned me.
© SathishPhotography

Easy to handle, Yes the steering looks fab! with all the ingredients in it. Hmmm, yeah! it has got Voice controlled feature which enables to receive the phone call on the move! it has got Volume up-low button! the important is the driver seat can be adjusted by just push button, can move forward and backward and upward or downward. all the manipulations can be done with a button press! 🙂

And the special feature is it has got electronic OVRM where one can adjust the mirrors without having to open the windows.
© SathishPhotography

so this shows that Bolt has come up with great essence of technology. and only one can control the door locks with the specified button and feel safe about the passengers. and they also explained the Anti-Lock Braking System of the bolt which is specially designed by Bosch. its an advanced mode to maintain the correct pitch when there’s any sudden brakes and to reduce accidents. 🙂

And the last there is a surprise/magic at the arena, Yes. there is a small platform which has got two divisions, where one has got the foot marks to stand, and other side is empty. and i was told to stand on the foot marks to see the magic! and they clicked a photo with their tab. Tadannnn!! Goshhh .. i am standing next to the master Narain karthikeyan.  Wow that was just awesome. well that added cherry on the cake to my visit to the arena! 🙂

DSC02635                                      Fullscreen capture 1232015 103853 PM.bmp

With that i sign off from the arena by capturing some more pics of the RED Beauty 🙂

This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda. 🙂
© SathishPhotography

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