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We are living in a world where we spend most of our times in work and we engage ourselves in shopping and movies in the free time. We strive for the holidays and always on our toes to get ourselves free from work. We used to spend our free times in watching movies in most of the times. 😀  Well! Its been turning out to be such a generation where every fair girl/guy, son/daughter of big businessmen wants to become a film star. No matter they know the acting skills or not! they really failed to miss the true acting skills and intern they waste our precious time which waited for so long!   🙂

© SathishPhotography

Well!! It needs real acting skills to entertain the public. Yes, i am proud to say that i’d witnessed the true act! its true theatrical experience. its the first time i am experienced. Its been a wonderful act and perfect execution of true act skills. it is “Ismat Apa Ke Naam” a mono act play written by Ismat Chugtai and directed by Naseeruddin Shah which has three different stories and featured by three different actors. It has been wonderfully narrated and superbly showcased the individual skills on a single stage at on the go. 🙂

Here comes the first play Chui Mui – Enacted by Heeba Shah, Its a wonderful act by her which is tribute to the rural women. expressed through an incident of childbirth in a train compartment. where one woman is from a wealthy family and eager to have only male child and another is an rural woman who is fearless and bravely gave birth in a train compartment! 🙂

© SathishPhotography

Next play is Mugha Bachha – by Ratna Pathak shah, Its the story of Gori Bi and Kale Miyan. Ratna Pathak has given life to the character. She talks about the successors of mughals in the time of British! She just outclassed in her act. 🙂

© SathishPhotography

And final play Gharwali – Narrated and acted by Naseeruddin Shah, Its story of 1940’s that talks about the satire on the institution of marriage on the social mores and the relationship of man and woman at those ages. 🙂

It was delight to watch such a narration and play by the true actors who just give life to the characters and make us to sit tightly on our seats. this PLAY has made me to love the dramas and the mono plays. i am just pity on the new generation that they are missing the wonderful platform to cultivate the habit of true acting skills 🙂 This act just amazing and will stay in my Heart ❤ for my entire life time 🙂

10629794_836023986417054_4810959609112785143_n       DSC00194

And not to forget, this opportunity to watch this is given by your friendly taxi expert TaxiForSure team and they also arranged a meet and greet with the Legends of this Play! Totally i was on Cloud9 to be witnessing that moment with Naseeruddin sir and Ratna Pathak ma’m 🙂 Thank you TaxiForSure team for creating such wonderful memory in my page of life. 🙂


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