Quikr : Its Quicker and Better

Well, Its my last question in my first Interview and i answered with loud voice that “Yes, I am ready to relocate”. but its not easy as i said. Its tough to relocate in a big city where everything seems NEW, Almost a new chapter in our life! We have to get new apartment and need all household stuffs. For that we need to do lot of shopping and spend loads of time to get settle in a place! 😥 For me it has become a sheer headache when i am relocated to Bangalore as a software Engineer as i succeeded in my first Interview. I was scratching my head like anything in my early days in Bangalore to get the desired things to my new house. by knowing this fact, my colleagues suggested me to look at http://www.quikr.com/. And what next……?? Tadaaaaaan … I purchased all the required stuffs from the sellers at very affordable price. Truly it has saved my lot of Time and Money 🙂  It has avoided me from chaos and struggle of shopping 😀

Quikr : Its Quicker and Better
Quikr : Its Quicker and Better

The website is unique and made easy for the needy one’s to buy and sell their used stuffs in a better way. All the categories were classified uniquely and its just hassle free. While i searching for my required stuffs in http://www.quikr.com/ the power went off suddenly due to upgradation of power cables in my area. As i needed the household things urgently i realised that Quikr has got their own APP and it is also uniquely designed and made user friendly. and believe i surfed and confirmed few things by sitting on a toilet seat 😛  Truely it has saved a lot of money and i got my things in a lesser time as well 🙂

Quikr : Its Quicker and Better
Quikr : Its Quicker and Better

By keeping good and hassle free service in mind http://www.quikr.com/ has come up with revolutinary features to their mobile App for Android, Windows and iPhone users that is Quikr NXT No Fikar, Chat Quikr  🙂  With this Quikr Nxt, Buyers can immediately connect with the sellers through chat across Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site. This feature enables users to communicate with each other at their convenience. 🙂 This Quikr NXT has impressed me a lot and it is better than previous mode of connecting with customers. the very first one is Number Privacy As i said i am a software engineer, i was not aware of the immidiete schedules and the client meetings and sometimes we need to attend the client calls over two to three hours. with all these keeping in mind, the Number privacy has been outstanding one, i won’t get any TRIN TRIN sound and i won’t have any embarrassing moments in attending phone calls in my tight schedule and i must be feel secure and happy. 🙂

Quikr : Its Quicker and Better
Quikr : Its Quicker and Better

The next enhanced features are Chat and Chat History, We all have suffered from getting many emails and phone calls for asking about product details, price and etc. by this added feature one can see whether the consumer is online/offline and if offline, the consumer will get a notification and if online, we can start communicate with them and can ask about the details and can restart the conversation from where we left off. And during the chat we can share the photos of the product also. Yes! that is Photo Sharing feature, with this we can share the pics of the product with ease and chat simultaneously with the consumers and can finish a deal by sitting over a toilet seat too! 😀 By this option i could know the requirements of the buyer and send the pics immediately without any phone calls and email attachments 🙂 And as i said i am little busy with the work, i won’t get much time to handle the deals but this chat session with Multiple users has erased that problem also, with  this we can make a parallel chat session with the needy ones and finish the deal in a very quick time with the multiple consumers. And we won’t get frustrated by telling the same price, condition and details again and again to the different consumers. By this Multiple user chatting we can communicate with multiple people and will make our deal success in less amount of time 🙂 With all this emerging features Quikr has made easy to all buyers and sellers and they just moved one step closer to the heart of common people with these hassle free features to use Quikr NXT. with these emerging revolutionary functionalities and features it has placed one more feather to its crown 🙂 Lets Quikr! 😀

This post has been written as a part of the “Get Quikr NXT!” activity, in association with Indiblogger for the #IndiHappyHours campaign. You can visit Quikr’s official website for more details. 🙂


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