Dreams of My Life..

We are living in a world where everything moving at a faster pace, become more modernised and materialistic. we have become a machine and always running after money. We wont get much time to relax ourselves and to think about our passion 🙂  All we have is Wake up late in the morning, Rushing to office without having break fast, Trying to complete the work before deadlines, preparing for presentations, Struggle in traffic and reach home in the late night with fully tiredness. Hmmm, yes it has become life cycle for most of us. Always strive to complete other’s work but never tries to start our dreams and passion. 😦  We always try to think a lot about our future life and punish our present life. to keep our future clear and beneficial we are ruining our present life 😦 these questions on secure future has put me into the well of sadness and struggling present.

We have to find ways to escape from this trouble. We must erase all these stress and avoid future problems. i always wish to have #BefikarUmarBhar life, its the only way to keep me happy and drives me to think beyond this present problems and makes me to fly in the dreams of my Passion. i had some stunning plans to feel, experience and rejuvenate throughout my life time! i want my life should be full of freedom, without any obligations and responsibilities 😛

Hmmm… take a look at my Bucket list that I would do if I was #BefikarUmarBhar 

#1 : I would have spent most of my time with my Parents in place where there is full of high facilities and only my parents, me and my wife. with no disturbance from the external, would love to taste all the dishes prepared my by mom, helping my mom and dad in their works and LOVE to see the SMILE on their face. it will be such an accomplishment for me to make them Happy and cherish my lifetime on my mom’s lap is the biggest moment in my life. (y)

#2 : I would have TRAVELLED all over the world, Yes i love to travel and explore the new places and explore the beautiful culture of the places and lifestyle. i would love to immerse myself in those places and always looking to experience the thrill of travelling. 🙂

#3 :  I am Photographer. i would love to Mastering the art of Photography 😛  i love to capture all the different moments in the life. Photography has taken me close to nature, close to human, and close to myself than nothing else before has. its still a dream for me but in one fine day i can surely turn this dream into reality. 🙂

#4 : I am Adventurous. i love adventure it must sound strange but its the one dream that i always wish to experience in my lifetime. If I can be #BefikarUmarBhar then i would love to take risks in life and experience the thrill in adventure without worrying about my family and i would happily enjoy the awesomeness in being an adventurer. (y)

#5 : No Work. yes i would love to enjoy the life by doing nothing. and enjoy my life with the Indian cricket players by watching the live cricket match by sitting next to cricket players in the dressing room. this is one my big dream that I can do if can be #BefikarUmarBhar.

Dreams of My Life..
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Hope all these my pleasant dreams will turn into reality in one fine day and i will feel happy for accomplishing my dreams 😛

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Zenfone: My ideal Valentine!

ASUS, the most trusted brand who are designing and manufacturing products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s digital generation. With their extensive designs and performance through the gadgets has made people to fall in love with their products 🙂 Hmmm i do, in love with this revolutionary gadget that is my ASUS Zenfone 5.  Here are the reasons why she is my valentine.. ❤

She is Beautiful :: Yes my valentine ASUS is beautiful with her sleek and attractive look. this has been exquisitely designed, very slim. she has got the stunning 5-inch IPS display with 1280 x 720p HD resolution and 294 ppi. Powered by Asus TruVivid technology and the touch sensitivity is very good and flawless.  makes this phone looks very elegant and stands tall from the rest. 🙂

Zenfone: My ideal Valentine!

She is Economical :: this the main thing that ASUS has steal the deal. very affordable phone to all the class of people this added cherry on the cake for the people who are looking to buy power packed phone for very good price and a worthy gadget to grab at this little amount with all the exceptional features inside. 🙂

She is Powerful :: Yes, my valentine is Powerful with Packing a 1.6 GHz Intel dual core processor, PowerVR GPU and 2 GB RAM which immerse ourselves in its impressive world. and it has got 2110 mAh battery so we can chat continuously and non stop with the valentine without any fuss and ensures that the battery lasts long without deterring the performance. 🙂

She is Protective :: Yes, Not all people will get this chance. where you need to protect your Valentine all the times but in my ASUS case she is built in with the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects from scratches and accidental screen damages. and the body cover has a fine structure looks classy, strong and free from dusts.  And it has packed with anti-fingerprint coating on the screen to reduce smudges. and the display sensitivity has been increased so you i use the phone even while wearing gloves. by all these amazing features tends the phone to feel amazing in my hands.   🙂

She is Upgradable and Easily available :: Yes, you need not to replace all the time when got hated by your LOVE rather you can upgrade it. Yes my ASUS comes with Android Jelly Bean 4.3 operating system installed in the device. The OS is upgradeable to Android KitKat v4.4 on this device. so you can easily live up-to your expectations. And this Valentine is just one Click away to grab it, yes you heard it right Flipkart has been the flagship site for all the ASUS zenfones. So you won’t get tired for searching a perfect valentine. all you need is just a click away to garb your Perfect and well crafted Valentine. 🙂  So rush yourself to feel and grab this emerging revolutionary gadget ASUS  🙂

To know more about “Unconditional Love”, watch this awesome video

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