Little’s Little things..

Yes, If its spring for the mother nature, then she has been kind enough to bestow on us the most beautiful phase of our life, which is often proclaimed as ”Childhood” that is the time when we dare to think of even gobbling up the whole sun, Playing football using Moon, and playing the game of dice using Stars with our enviable energy. that is the age where we actually missing and we actually love to see again in form of children’s we come across in our daily life.

Hmm yes, I just love to share the moments that i cherished with my aunt’s daughter. The baby has arrived to our family at the age of 9 months after my aunt’s delivery and completing traditional culture of our family. what happened after that is just mesmerising… All our family members were happy and ecstatic to see the baby in our home after many many days. Initially i couldn’t able to spend time with the little cutey ❤ . but i feel cool and comfort whenever i see its face or when i spend the time with the baby.

Then i used to spend my time with little beauty ❤ by making fishy faces and doing silly mischiefs to make her laugh. and she has grew little further and she never sit politely, always making the nasty stuffs. always crawling towards the door, even its a nightmare for our family members to keep her quite 😛 Yes, those are the days where i am fortunate to be lavished by playing with the little baby. by her cuteness and the freshness she is spreading in the house is massive. and there are numerous incidents which made my family members to be kept active all the day with her pretty cool activities! 🙂  

When she don’t get what she want, she found that crying out loud is the best choice, it had a remarkable effect on my home. where my grandpaa and my dad would ran towards her and took her to their shoulders, the result would be given chocolates or other playthings to calm her down. this is what she used to do when she around 3 or 4 years old. with that all her innocent demands were fulfilled. She would easily snuggle up into the laps of my family members and unmindful of the chaos she had created. settle down to play with the new object or bunch of chocolates! many things like that has made my family awesome where she would be happy with the smallest of the things without any discrimination even a handmade aeroplane and paper boats were a history to her. 🙂

Little's Little things..
© SathishPhotography

She used to go out and see the outside things a lot and her mom is very comfort that she is using Pampers to the little baby for the care and protection and it has made the baby to play without any wetness and it keeps the baby active and happy for a day long! 🙂

Watch this awesome video to get mesmerized..

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