RangiTaranga Movie Review : Its a Thrilling Wave :)

Rangitaranga, A movie which satisfies all kinds of audiences by its jump scaring, haunting, stiff screenplay, frequent twists and for its brilliant BGM. Overall the movie is technically perfect. Where it is not stick to one genre. There are only few movies which gives you Goosebumps and haunting even after the movie. Where the horror, suspense, twists, jump scares carries throughout the movie. 🙂

Rangitaranga Kannada Movie

Director Anup Bhandari has done a brilliant script and screenplay. All thanks to him by executing in better way than audience expected! The main story revolves around a haunted housein a place a called “Kamarutta” and many mysteries around it. As this story is stick to one genre. One side it makes audience to think about the horror “Guddada butha” and Bramha Rakshasa. And on the other side the main characters reaches the haunted place for different purpose and the new character reaches the same place in search of his idol writer. 🙂

All characters has added cherry to the cake with their movie where no one compromises on their job. Right from the first scene the cast has done brilliantly, Kudos to the director for taking a tough script and screenplay in a good way  till the end, and the way the story ends by connecting all the frequent twists in a better way is definitely a cliffhanger for the audience. 🙂

Coming to the technical part, The BGM is just amazing by ajneesh Loknath, he has not compromised in anywhere in the movie. The cinematographers Lance Kaplan and David Williams has taken this movie to next level  with all the light setting the uplifts in the night scenes, has given the rich visuals in all the scenes. 🙂

Totally it’s a Pakka Paisa vasool Movie. Must worth a watch with family, overall a complete Thrilling entertainer it deserved to be watched more than once. 🙂

Ugly Truth: In a place like Karnataka this type experimented, well neatly made Movie is hard to find, the support will be totally Zero and people wouldn’t get turned ON as they do it for their favourite stars 😛 So its time to prove the facts wrong.. Go 🙂

Please people, Step forward and watch this wonderful show stealing movie RANGITARANGA 🙂


Author: Ugly Indian

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