Healthy Diet..

To keep our body in good state we have to sacrifice little little things. We have around 70+ years of lifespan, where forty years are about to get spent as childhood, teenage and marriage, rest twenty going in vain and the remaining 10-20, lying in our hand, instead of being fit and healthy, we are constantly  fall in Sick and some diseases and scared of it. Which is lame things to happen. Life seem short, we live only once. But, if done properly, once is enough. If one comes to know the value of diet and its importance in his early age. Knowing it and applying it to their life is the deciding factor of the success stores in their life. Of course, there is no substitute for being fit and Healthy. When this meets, we unknowingly welcome the most invited guest, i.e. HAPPINESS. 🙂

A Diet is something which we have to plan accordingly to the requirements of your body. Where little more or little less can leads to some other disorders in your body’s health. Usually people thought Diet is something that is adapted only to reduce the weight in some quick time. A Balanced Diet is something which we have to eat according to the requirement of our body. The intake of the food should be appropriate, hygiene and it should be taken in specified interval of time. 🙂

The balanced Diet has many advantages as one can feel rejuvenating about his Fitness and Heath. As the diet could not add any unnecessary weight. It creates awareness about the value of Food and time; we got to know real value of it. It keeps our body digestive system to work exactly as to keep our body to stay Healthy without any problems. And importantly makes us FIT and stay STRONG as it kills extra calories that present in our body and burns the unnecessary fat which is stored earlier. It keeps the body routine perfectly works to stay fit to gain perfect weight and to bid bye to unhealthy problems. 😦

With this Balanced diet, one should practice the things like yoga; morning exercise as well as an evening walk can make sure to stay fit and healthy for the body. As we only about our body requirements we have to judge ourselves to stay fit and healthy.  Rather than going behind the dumb rules, make sure about the importance of Healthy diet and connect with the experts dieticians to know  about the happiness of being Healthy and Fit. I must thank for Dabur for introducing Honey Diet as it is very pure and gives wings to stay fit and healthy. 😀

So from now ON, just follow the only mantra, i.e. Eat Healthy, Stay FIT and Feel YOUNG 😀

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Author: Ugly Indian

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