PayPal : For Transforming India

Are you sure about this? My friend in Australia catechized. We were discussing over the phone about secure payment transfer across the country, as he wanted to send his saved earnings to his dad in India. Having used the PayPal before, I recommended PayPal, as it is convenient, hassle free and secure! 🙂

PayPal, is one of the most trusted digital wallet across the globe, leading with innovation, PayPalis building payments for the future with its technology based on the core values of trust, safety and security. Yes, these are all important attributes, which people look for in the financial segment. PayPal establishes a real connection to money and helps in securely transferring money without sharing financial information and provides flexibility across platforms for payment needs. Being one of the biggest service providers in the finance sector with presence in 203 countries and accepting 100 currencies. 🙂

PayPal is now looking to expand its business and digitalizing the Indian financial sector. Considering the diversity of the Indian market where one can find all kinds of products, which are in huge demand across the globe. With PayPal, even small-scale businesses can directly receive money from the buyers without any trouble. With the digitalization of money, PayPal has made it easier for retailers to reach out to the end consumer and sell products online. As PayPal’s global network of span across 169 million customers in 203 countries, anyone can receive payments via PayPal for the goods and services they export.  To encourage business in India, PayPal has partnered with SBI, which will allows SBI debit card holders to use a digital payment gateway for buying products from foreign websites and also enable MSME customers to access a secure payment solution. SBI’s partnership with  is one of kind as it enables to consumers transact across 145 countries where Pay Pal is present.  PayPal allows small, medium and big Indian entrepreneurs to sell their products and services to clients overseas with the security of receiving payments through PayPal. 🙂

 Dhruv Sawhney, GM Technology, Bangalore
Dhruv Sawhney, GM Technology, Bangalore

During the interaction with Dhruv Sawhney, GM Technology at Bangalore who shared key insights on the PayPal’s plan for India, mentioned encouraging the technology talent in India for boosting tech startups and student entrepreneurs. PayPal setup the two-world class global technology product centre and Start Tank in Chennai and Bangalore, with over 1300 highly skilled technologists. This Start tank aims to identify and incubate the country’s next generation tech startups. These start-ups receive technology mentor-ship and infrastructure support from PayPal, as well as business mentor-ship from charter members.  It is one of the biggest platform for talent that India is producing in terms of engineers and helps counter the problem of Brain Drain, where our talent can get the access to benefits and insights into small scale business operations allowing them to carry out operations on a global scale with Trust, Safety and Security. 🙂

With PayPal’s diverse base, which has no gender gap, it brings forward great opportunities for women technologists. Not only are they providing only opportunities but are also follow a caring nature towards their employees. Usually a company will lose a significant number of women employees once they pregnancy and post conceiving, PayPal has taken one step ahead and ensure they are supportive of their employees with Flexible work arrangements, cab rides for women in their third trimester to and fro the office, top gynecologist in-house to see to mothers’/women’s’ needs.

They also provide a fun work atmosphere and build a good relationship with the co-workers by having Spice clubs, afternoon socials and a diet kitchen and gym. 🙂

As a great man said, “Success isn’t the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you’re doing and you work hard you will be Successful”. With all these steps PayPal is focused on empowering people and transforming India. 🙂


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