Airtel 4G – The Fastest Internet

Everyone wants to have easy and faster things in life. And only in rare cases we were blessed to have these offers in our life to make the work easier, better and faster. Yes, I am talking about India’s largest mobile network company AIRTEL. In perspective of bringing new ideas in SMARTER ways Airtel has been brilliant and very effective in recognizing and overcoming the obstacles to changing limiting beliefs.:) It has closed the gap between what if it could achieve and what has to be achieved. 🙂

Airtel launched its next gen Airtel 4G where we can download a movie in no time and we can watch the videos without the error buffering. Yes, these were the days that we were thought while spending our whole days of life in the hands of 2G and 3G speed. Where the downloading a takes a day or more and it’s a nightmare for us. And as being a Cricket fanatic, now I can watch live cricket matches without buffering. Yes, In those days  I felt sad for the feeble internet speed, where I control the excitements and emotions of the game by not knowing at least the live score or the live video. This is all because of the slow internet speed 2G and 3G it makes us to agonize little bit. But now I can watch the live streaming matches hassle freely. 🙂

Airtel 4G test at Bangalore
Airtel 4G test at Bangalore

Finally the time has been arrived; we got a solution to keep our time safely without wasting anything. And I lively experienced the test of Airtel 4G vs 3G at Bangalore. Where you can see the difference in the picture above, Airtel 4G gets a speed upto 21 Mbps where 3G gets upto 1.5 Mbps.  Yes, I really Thankful to AIRTEL for bringing 4G internet across the country. As it is faster speed than 2G, 3G as well as from the other network providers and this uses very modest data. Moreover we will get 4G data packs at the price of 3G data pack, what else we can expect and I bet  this is the faster one in terms of downloading movies. 🙂

This is one of the perfect stuff for all who are cursing for poor internet speed with 2G/3G. This Airtel4G gives the updates with full flow wherever we are and whatever may be the time. With this I can’t miss any of my office works as this Network keeps me excited with live, latest movies, cricket scores and match updates. 🙂

Hmmm, thinking how awesome it is?? Come on why are you waiting just go and get connected with Airtel 4G. Where the SIM acts as a Regular, Micro and Nano SIM as well. Start connected with Airtel 4G and save your  lifespan 🙂

For more information Visit and be the real lucky one to experience the 4G 🙂


Author: Ugly Indian

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