eKAVACH for better Parenting!

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The advent of Smartphone’s has changed everything in all the aspects. Yes, though it has advantages and disadvantages the impact is very highly influenced. And that too in all the generations of people and in turn it has created an addiction in each and everyone, especially on the children’s. Where they are most addictives to the grooming technology of Smartphone’s and Internet by knowingly or unknowingly.

In this fast moving smart era parents are getting less time to look after their kids as many of them were busy in professional works and spend most of the time in outside the house. As every parent is busy with their work and most of the children’s were busy with Smartphone’s in their hand. Its hard to understand the reality of outcomes from it. Where we have experienced both advantages and advantages through this. To understand a kid we must think like kids as well though you are a parent. That’s makes a best parents for the kids.

As Smartphone’s and internet has both bane and boon for the users. We must extract the better from the same channel itself. Yes, you can keep an eye on your kids and monitor all the activities of your kids without knowing to them.  With so much technology around kids. There is one technology to monitor their activities much effectively. This is called eKAVACH; a parental control app provides parents the best controls for digital family protection and internet safety from various online risks in all the aspects. 🙂

eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!

It gives Safe browsing, web content filtering and safe search for major browsers – Blocks pornography, adult and other harmful content to ensure safe internet surfing and browsing experience for kids. Its gives real time notifications once your kid crosses the limits that’s been set by parent itself. It control’s the Internet Usage and set time limits. It Monitor your child’s device reach through device heartbeat. Geo coordinates helps parents in tracking location of their children for their safety. 🙂

Have a look at the images, as this eKAVACH is easy to install and very friendly app as well. So anyuneducated parent can also handle this app in better way as the images and description is clealy explained in the app 🙂

Totally it gives total security and protection to the kids and the parents. So as the name suggests eKAVACH, its a protection and security for the better smart family. 🙂


Author: Ugly Indian

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