” United we stand, Divided we fall ” We all grown by seeing this proverb. We all matured our lives by enhancing this proverb. And we must agree that its 100% true and universal 🙂

Our compassion for the things closer to life, fills our heart with the purpose, ultimately, embark on a journey full of life.  Yes, I miss the good old days where I playing with full of family members, relatives and neibhours. New gang of friends when we visit to any fairs and festivals in our villages! Yes, those are the days where I fortunate to be lavished with the love of being unite and being together 🙂

The memories always stand tall and mesmerizes every time when we had a hop into it. The clear picture comes to mind when I thought of together in nature is, Honey bees in Honeycomb. Wah we must salute to its unity and its quality of life.

As I had some naughty gang of kids and you can call them partners in crime. 😛 Yes, I usually visit to my village in my summer holidays and its gonna be a trademark of fun and unlimited entertainment where there is no restriction of dad and mom. Where we can enjoy as much as we can with the enormous love of our grand parents!

And we were playing tree climbing game in the afternoon with my naughty gang of kids, may be I was at the age of 12 I guess! And we were drenched with the heat of sun and we were really tired by playing it where we started playing at morning 7am and its 3pm in the afternoon and game is still ON! You could imagine the stamina of us. Yes, it usually for those aged kids and at that moment! And we were in a need of some cold drinks In that time my chota friend showed the honeycomb and he explained the sweet of honey in his drool worthy style 😛

And we all started throwing stones towards that honeycomb/honeywell and there it begins the attack from the masters of bee. Hmmm! Its no way OUT… We never imagined of such number of honeybees in that honeycomb OMG! Is the only expression in all of us! And with gods grace we managed to escape from such a dangerous attack of honey bees! With lots of Hufffs and Puffs… then there we realized the real power of UNITY and how UNITY and being TOGETHER is worthy and helpful 🙂

Yes! It may be sounds less but its spot on and admirable. Don’t hear to any false statements and don’t go beyond it just be yourself and think it! Its true. Never lose your unity and never miss the quality of happiness that’s been hidden it. Its like a PURE HONEY present in the HoneyWell 🙂

Visit : and  watch Kissanpur “Real Joy of Togetherness” Video


Author: Ugly Indian

Simple♥, Humble♥, Generous♥, L♥vable, and Goes on....♥♥ ツ Engineering by Choice, Banker as a Profession 😉. Photography has become my favourite activity since my Engineering days, and now it turned out to be a part of my Life. It's my Passion actually ☺ and Blogging is adding cherry to the cake for my Photography! 😆

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