UTSAVA Rock Garden

Well, as and when I heard my first workplace as a banker in Haveri, Karnataka. I was very keen to sentinel the good places in and around the city. Where Utsava rock garden stands tall from the rest from the major attractions of the city. 🙂

And the day has arrived where I joined my colleague and his childhood friend who were brought in the same city. And it’s become an easy task for me to seize the striking place of the city. Well, Utsava rock garden is located just 40 kms from haveri towards Hubli. And it is exactly by the side of the highway NH4 (Bangalore to Pune). And there are many buses are available to the place, so it may trouble the new-visitors to locate it.

It’s around 2pm with some bright sunshine; Utsava rock garden invites us to the garden. As soon as we enter the garden, it showcases their prestigious award that has been registered. Not one or two exactly 8 Guinness awards. Definitely it has made me to expect a lot from this, yet it added cherry on the cake for picking a perfect place in the city to mark my favorite activities. And the excitement peaks as I move further in the garden. Somewhere I heard the song of Dr. Rajkumar and it made me to enter it with more gracefully. 🙂

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The entrance section is allocated to a pond where at the centre the legend Dr.rajkumar statue has been installed and 24/7 his songs going to peep in the part. And cave like room which officially welcomes the Utsava rock garden, which consists of God/Goddess structure in the form of a tree which spread over meters long. And it famed with statues, designs and different architectures. This will really stuns me a little as we from the south part of city. And we are less aware of the lifestyle and culture of North Karnataka. 🙂

Fullscreen capture 06122015 12651 PM.bmp
Outlook of the VILLAGE!

Where-ever you spread your eyes in Utsava rock garden; it is soaked with the epitome of culture, tradition and lifestyle of North Karnataka. The idea of Utsava rock garden is very clear as they wanted to show the lifestyle and exhibit how the LIFE was at that era. And they did it absolutely well by presenting in the form street where we are going to find all sorts of people classified according to their work, caste and tradition which they followed. The richness in the life, the purity in the culture is really appreciated. 🙂

Fullscreen capture 06122015 12657 PM.bmp
Typical OLD Classroom!

It feels like s museum containing the monumental works of art, masterpieces of paintings, and classical paintings. And we got to see wide variety of the culture of all the forms that is at the edge of its extinct. Only thing that is needed is serenity of understand the values behind it and the stamina to walk, walk and walk till you cease the beauty of Utsava rock garden. 🙂

Fullscreen capture 06122015 11901 PM.bmp
Grand maa feeding to her Grandson!
Fullscreen capture 06122015 11911 PM.bmp
For Laundry

All the paintings, sculptures and designs are kept in respective houses with respect to their lifestyle and the working culture. We are made to see how the fairs and festivals were happening in those times.  Really that figures speaks volumes about the tradition, culture and lifestyle of the north Karnataka or it can be rephrased now it has Ancient North Karnataka. Our eyebrows will raise very often as we imagine how the routine has changed from this to the one we currently exist.
As we move further and we almost reached the end part of Utsava rock garden, we will see some unique birds, white rats and some more interesting creatures. And the last but not from the list, there is boating as well in the Utsava rock garden, so everyone can rejuvenate the pure culture and tradition of the places that they have sensed. 🙂

Fullscreen capture 06122015 11909 PM.bmp
Walking Bangle Store


Fullscreen capture 06122015 11919 PM.bmp
Shivora! Its a presence at the entry of the village!
UTSAVA RockGarden!

As our Visit draws to a close. I reflect on the many things I’ve seen and experienced. A totally worthy place to visit everyone who wants to revisit to the culture, lifestyle and tradition that existed in our own land. 🙂


Author: Ugly Indian

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