My Favorite City..

It takes few seconds for many of us to decide which is our favorite city, right??? But I am for that category, Yes, I do think if the question is about dream city. But no second thought for my favorite is concerned. And it’s undoubtedly the city which firmed in my heart and mind is my home town “Tumakuru”. Tumakuru, although located close to the famous cities in south India like Bangalore and Mysore. Tumakuru is yet to be completely explored. One has to DRIVE passionately to DESIGN the CONNECTIVITY to this unexplored place. 🙂

In spite of looking into other’s plate I always cherished to enjoy what I have at the moment. May be this is the reason that made me to consider my city as my favorite city as well I guess.  Tumakuru is really a beautiful place. So I decided to check out my own, in other terms I am rediscovering this land. This place is very near and neighboring city to IT hub of India [Bangalore].

Though it does not have any history of kingdoms and rulers. But it weighs a lot when it comes to the places that it has, and those places must not be missed. Starting from Siddaganga Mata, Namada chilume, Devarayana Durga, Shivagange, Basdi betta and many more. All these places are abundance of rich flora and fauna.  And few places back to the ages of the Ramayana, It is believed that Lord Rama shot his arrow to make a fountain(CHILUME) of water in the middle of the dense forest when he struggled to find water to put his NAMA (THILAKA) and Hence the place name NAMADA CHILUME . Like this each one has got unique identity with the history. This surely DRIVES anyone crazy and Impressive. 🙂

The DESIGN of this city is neatly matched and mattered as it is located In such a troposphere weather always mesmerizes with cool breeze to kick your day, chilled zesty sun in the afternoon and soothing air to sign off a day. 🙂

Stunning view from atop the hill [Basdi Betta], Tumakuru. 
And the CONNECTIVITY is brilliantly established as we are just 70 kms away from Bangalore. The footprints of Bangalore to Pune NH4 are here. Brilliant Highway to DRIVE everyone crazy. And this is how it connects from South part of the people towards North of the state. The connection is here already only thing is that it has to enfold in a right way to attract people to make better visiting spots unlike the other cities. 🙂

Well, I could not stop admiring the calmness, luxury, lifestyle, cost of living, value of the city and add-ons it has. And it made a promise to myself to discover the secrets it has and many other cities in the south India as well. 🙂


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Author: Ugly Indian

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