HP Star Wars

Star wars undoubtedly an iconic movie where it taken us to the new level by its imagination and with the advance in technology. Star wars been directed by George Lucas, the characters which are in this movie like Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker  etc has been the most liked characters amongst us and this movie is one of the highest grossing movies of all times.

Keeping Star wars in mind HP has come up with releasing STAR Wars themed HP Laptops. And HP has gone into the minutest of details.


Let’s go from the beginning:
The notebook comes packed in a large cardboard box covered in Darth Vader’s image.  It has come up with protective foam for the system and cardboard box for the power adapter come with the Star Wars theme. So I will shape a playing gun for my cousin sister out of it. 🙂

Next is the outer skin, the dark design of the device creates the environment to submerge us into the Star Wars universe, so we flaunt out with our friends the exterior rough feeling really makes us to experience the reality of star wars universe.

Fullscreen capture 06012016 83228 AM.bmp

And the Windows 10 has been specifically upgraded to support data worth 30GB. It has Core i5 processor and  12GB of RAM and a 2TB hard disk and  NVIDIA GeForce 940M GPU, the specifications are absolutely sinister  And It comes with over 30GB of pre-loaded Star Wars rare collection. This is the digital powerhouse with content spanning across Themes and Galleries, wallpapers, screen savers, movie posters, classic photos, e-book excerpts, movie trailers, costume designs, concept art, and original trilogy storyboards from the Star Wars. The collection has over 1,100 images. This all makes it a power-packed device.

Fullscreen capture 06012016 83405 AM.bmp

The sound effects are authentic with Star Wars beeps and the sounds including R2-D2 and light sabers. And even the font can be changed to Aurebesh, the galactic language – and all of the sounds and effects are customizable. The optional touchscreen will support the cause. As it has glowing red backlit keys. And we will plan pranks on them.

Fullscreen capture 06012016 83319 AM.bmp

The wireless mouse is funky. And we can see Darth Vader on the mouse, and I must say it feels like a true weapon. We can control the laptop through the wireless mouse. I am sure this is gonna be fun if we started playing games with friends by without telling them that it has wireless mouse so we show off them out with magical tricks from this wireless mouse.This just sets the stage right to get creative with creating the ultimate extravaganza.

If you wish to #AwakenYourForce ?? And get to know more about the awesome Star Wars collection from HP on www.hpshopping.in/starwars 🙂


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