What an Impact it is!


Those are the days where studying was the only mantra for us, yes. When I was joined for my high school in 2003, it was really a struggling days for me because I just joined to English medium. Till that date I was in Kannada medium it’s a local language. And English is suddenly become a nightmare and a star to reach it. Studying all the subjects in English has become the toughest thing to digest in those days.

After getting so many suggestions and advises I came to know that studying Is the only way to get rid of the problem. It’s a new school for me and there are some various special things happening at that time. Hopefully its happening now also. According to that, it’s an event where the school principal going to honor the rank student who just got the first rank in the class. And the event happens on every last period of Friday and they will honor the topper on last Friday of the month. And that event name is “Sharada pooje”, where the principal going to reward the topper with some money and gift. By seeing those incidents at that time, there has started some spark in me though I was struggling at that moment to learn English. But that sort event has literally changed and made me to work for me to hit the bull’s eye at any cost. And 8th standard has completed where I just managed to score 80%. And the eager of topping the class has really made me to work hard and study hard to achieve that. And the time rolls even 9th standard also completed with 85%. 😀

And the real battle is now ON when I reached 10th standard where I almost comfortable with subjects as well as the language. And in those days clearing 10th exam is become a milestone. As the time approaches with some blessings of friends, god, I got the 1st rank in the preparatory exam, which was happened before the final; exams. And I managed to score 608/625 and their I rewarded 200rs; yes I really mean it because I earned it. And the lost goal was still left to get my name printed on the board that is situated exactly front of the school and I is still there where anyone can watch it now also. Yes, finally I made it and placed my name on the board by securing 91.52% in the final exam. It’s really been a life time impact for me. And I literally felt the fruit of hard work and dedication. 🙂

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Upbringing Impacts

We are made of impacts. The impacts that we actually experience is the one which takes us to the next level of life. There are many such impacts that has made me, ME. 🙂

I was always waiting for the summer holidays in my early days of life, ie in my childhood. And that was early period of 20th century; only 90’s kids would understand the feeling of the summer holidays and the impacts of summer holidays. The moment when the summer vacation approaches I immediately hop into my village. I really cherished those days for many reasons. Behind that there are many impacts that leave their marks. According to my parents I could have reduced my weight in the village, as I was humpty dumpty guy at that age. And according to me I am going to get many bundles of friends to play with them in the open fields like the world never ends, no matter whether it’s in the soothing sunrise, under squeezing hot afternoon or in the breezing evening. And the impact that is revolving here is very clear, so I can play all the days and intern I could’ve reduced my fat as well. This is also one of the different sort impacts between me and my parents on the same reason.

In those 90’s where there was only one TV for the road or in an area. Whoever has TV in their home are the stars of the area, boss of the town. In those typical conditions, one fine day I saw a huge crowd cheering in front of the small shop, as I was little kid I was taunted to that and went near to that place, there I saw my uncle also one among that little huge crowd. And I was asked him what’s going on??? He lifts me up and there’s a cricket match was happening between India vs. Pakistan. And all the crowds were excited and cheering for team India, and it was Asia cup I guess, where I was just 7 or 8 years old.

And there where my craze on cricket has took birth and it’s been growing like anything, there I started cherishing the straight drives of Sachin, Square cut’s my Rahul Dravid, typical front foot cover drive of Brian Lara many more like those. Yes. Those incidents which have made a lot of things in me and the impact is still ON and it’s going strong. That impact has even made me to meet the rock star of that generation, down to earth personality and the Mr. Wall of cricket Rahul Dravid. The impact of cricket is surely a gem of the impact on me and my life.


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Life: It’s about Impacts

Well, those are the days where we believe in little little things, incidents that happen in between and around us.  Those moments, incidents which often summed as Impacts. On that we are living and we will be living in future. Impacts may be because of very minute things, but the footmarks left by them are very effective and in many cases, many of us are still following the result that comes out of those impacts. The Impact may be for life and may be for a minute or for day long.

Right from the minute particles to the giant buildings, mountains will surely gives us an impact in one or the other way. Almost everyone is under an Impact. Each one has their own and it depends on their perspective. Everyone has their own way of looking into the impact. Their it goes from a lot of positive impacts to lot of negative impacts. Many impacts that happened to us and they are still happening to us. Yes, totally it’s happening in each and every time of our life’s journey

In most of the cases we can summarize as our life is building on the impacts. Each brick of our life is an Impact. Each impact has got an identity, message and perspective. There are many impacts. The impacts what we see is different and the impacts what we experience is unique. Each one has different view towards the impact.

Impact may be happen or may not be happen. But that is also an Impact. Consider an example: if a girl complains that a boy is always looking at her. Hmmm, how come she knew that the boy is looking at her??? In fact she has also seen him. It’s like a bouncy ball. It bounces for every hit to the ground. In the same way or the other way impact rules us and I must say it follows Newton’s law “For every action there is equal and opposite reaction”. Wow, see what an impact of this law by Newton.

Life is moving on impacts. Whether we observe it or feel it or ignore it. It’s all about living on impacts. Why we want to live or survive??? Answer might be we are living for ourselves or for our family. There it is… see ourselves has also made an Impact on us. Family also made an impact on us. So be aware of the impacts most of the cases we may not find the positive impact but it’s within you to find the Positive impacts in the negative impact also. Each impact has their own quality. All we need to grasp the positivity and let that make an impact on us. 🙂


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Ricky : Carnage of Love

Ricky, welcomes you all with the unique voice of Kiccha sudeepa and the movie continues its uniqueness throughout its journey. A well made move for all the class of audience. Packed with a pure love story that started at the childhood and they carried through the journey. Filled with typical dialogue’s that keeps you addicted to your seat. This new type of genre that takes the pure love story to Naxalisam. Totally more than an entertaining movie to all kinds of movie buffs.




Director Rishab shetty has added a feather to the KFI by giving birth to this fabulous movie on a shade of love with Blood. And he adored the LOVE in the bloodshed. Though there are some minute mistakes by the director but the effort of the actors has been overshadowed those minute mistakes. And I give 8/10 for Rishab shetty for making this beautiful adventure of love with the bloodshed backdrop.
All the characters are brilliantly enacted for their role. Rakshit Shetty is more matured and he proved once again that how a hero can be. By without having over heroism, buildup dialogues, mass punch’s and loudening songs for the hero. Hari Priya has played dual roles and everyone must applaud for her earnest acting in both roles. It will be a one more break to her career after Ugramm. And the Debutant Pramod shetty is starred by highlighting the movie in the negative role. Only Overdose in the movie is comedy part of Sadhu kokila, which would have been excluded. And the parent actors added cherry on the cake with their acting and outshined the minor mistakes in the screenplay.



And in the technical part everything is perfectly packed. The BGM by Arjun Janya is the highlight and steal the show with his magical composing. All the songs are Soothing for the ears and locations were dazzling indeed. Full marks to Venkatesh Alaguraj for Cinematography, showcased the nature’s green and Violence red in natural manner. 🙂

Overall a Pakka entertainer and its clings even after the movie got over. It deserved to watch and it remains one of the interesting movies in KFI. So what are you doing??


In Rakshit Shetty style 🙂

Book your Tickets and spend some time for the good winning Film. 🙂

Raring to go for Ricky

There are some days where Kannada film industry is in a dilemma with lack of producing creative, quality and good movies. But the trend has been shifted now. KFI stands tall in all the forms and giving enough competitions in producing some eminence movies. The change over time is very nippy and I am happy for witnessing this revolution.

In this transition period, there s one team which adored this revolution is Rakshith Shetty and his Ulidavaru Kandanthe team. And yeah, you heard it right! They are back with almost same promising team and with different concept and with a good note. Surely it’s something different I can say in terms of all and it is “RICKY”. Yes, Ricky is ready to strike the audience.



Who is this Ricky and why is this Ricky???
There are many reasons to watch out, let’s go one by one.

: I believe a good team can make you a winner, yes. This Ricky’s squad is almost filled with the quality members who worked in the movie Ulidavaru Kandanthe and made it success. The difference is Director and the Actor are exchanged their caps, where Rakshith shetty is leading again. And Rishab Shetty holding the ship for the first time. 🙂
: Trailer has already set the standards of Ricky. And it has already reached some milestones in KFI. The story looks very promising. Where it has filled with some real incidents experienced by the director Rishab Shetty. The star cast is brilliantly chosen. And the trailer literally gives me Goosebumps. The dialogues  like ಸೂರಿನ ಸುಖವಿಲ್ಲ, ನಿದ್ದೆಯ ಕನಸಿಲ್ಲ, ಬಾ ಸಾಥಿ ಈಗ ಗುರಿಯೊಂದೇ, ಹಲ್ಲಿಗೆ ಹಲ್ಲು, ಕಣ್ಣಿಗೆ ಕಣ್ಣು, ರಕ್ತಕ್ಕೆ ರಕ್ತ …. are taunting to watch the movie.

: Music is the soul of life and for the movies also not spared out of it. Yes, here the Music added many feathers to Ricky’s crown. The master Arjun Janya has continued his magical touch once again in Ricky. And he proved why he is called as a magical composer.  The Background score in the trailer is energetic and impressive. And all the songs are addictive.

: Dedication of RS’s (Rakshith Shetty and Rishab Shetty) duos is quiet brilliant as I am the sincere follower of this team since the movie started their first clap. And the posters are also something out of the ordinary.  I must say hard work never fails and hopefully whole Karnataka will witness the fabulous thrilling real story on the screen very soon.


Yeah, He’s coming. Ricky is hitting the screens on 22nd of this month with loads of promises and excitements. So get ready my dear movie buffs it’s going to be a Pakka entertainer, Let’s start booking your seats in your nearest theatres. And enjoy the unusual work of this unique team. 🙂

Spreading Happiness

I am sharing this incident to #SpreadTheVibe and to joining hands for the  good in this world, for Indiblogger and Youth Ki Awaaz.


It was pretty cool day. I was waiting for my friend at the bus stand. As both staying at the different PG’s but we going in a same bus to our office.  There is a play ground (stadium)  which is exactly attached behind the bus stop.  And I always look at the stadium where old people’s walk, young guys run and little one’s play. And that’s how the day begins to them.

Though my friend PG is little near to the bus stop he always comes late to the bus stop. While waiting for the bus in the bus stop. I heard a little pretty voice from the ground that sounds “good morning thata(Old pa) ”, a little ten or twelve year old poor girl in school uniform wished to the old gentlemen of age 70 around.  Then there are some funny, humorous incidents that happened between them. And after 10-12 mins of the pretty interaction, the girl was a flower seller and she gave a jasmine flower to the old man and the old man gave the money to that poor girl. And the girl leaves the ground by saying bye to the thata and the old man also went on the other side of the ground near the temple. And finally my friend comes to the bus stand and our just followed him and we headed to the office.

After seeing the lovely interaction of those beings has scratched my head to know what is happening in between them. And I decided in the next morning to go little early to the bus stop and to watch what’s going today between them. And this time there are two old men were sitting on the bench in the ground. And as usual the girl arrived at the old men and she actually explained what had happened in her school on the previous day and old man explains what he did on the previous day, and both were play some funny time and she gives follower to the old men and the old men give her the money then she leaves the place and the old men go near the temple and donates the flower to the beggar who actually sitting outside the temple.

That incidents has really turned me up and that made me to ask the other old men who is sitting next the old men that what’s really happening between them and he smiled at me said this old men what you saw is an old professor of the PU college his name VISHWANATH RAJU and he don’t have wife and he had only son and he is working in USA. And the girl is SUMA, Her family is very poor and she resides near the slam area and she is a flower seller, and she is studying from the money that’s been earned from selling flowers. And this old man daily purchases the flower from that girl and that would help the girl to lessen the time from wandering in the road by selling the flower and this old man donates that flowers to the old beggar who were sitting outside the temple.

Yes, you know what this little event has filled my heart with love and respect for the girl and the old man, as both were doing some extra-ordinary stuff for one another. As we must appreciate the courage of the girl that she studies with her own earnings and for the old man for helping poor girl as well as the beggars to earn their daily breads.  There are many such people are there between us and around us, only thing is we should take the feather from their hat and try to spread happiness like the old man did. So let’s #SpeardTheVide and start spreading Happiness. 😀

Pranav Dhanawade: A Special KID

It takes something special to get feature in the front page of the news paper for those things which I call it as PASSION! Yes, Playing cricket is become a passion in India. Of course we do play it from Heart as well.


Pranay Dhanawade achieved a lifetime in the history of cricket book.
Yes, Pranav Dhanawade of KC Gandhi School has scored 1009* in 323 balls against Arya Gurukul School, a feat never before achieved in any form of cricket’s illustrious history. His team declared their innings on 1465, another world record. Pranav’s knock consisted of 59 sixes and 129 fours, played at a strike rate of 312.38.


This is really a superhuman knock by Pranav, seems his father hard earned money by driving extra hours in the auto rickshaw. This really feels great that something is going to happen if we have the support and the effort we put into the game.


Yes, we had seen lot’s of applaud from all the cricket giants and as well as The Maharashtra government announced their decision to bear all coaching and education expenditures of the 15-year-old. Surely that’s the day that Pranav and his family are waiting. And Pranav has made it though.

Hard work never fails, it might get delayed but it never misses anybody. Just love your work and succeed in that. Everyone has to take this kid as inspiration and should think BIG and Work like this superhuman. 🙂