Ricky : Carnage of Love

Ricky, welcomes you all with the unique voice of Kiccha sudeepa and the movie continues its uniqueness throughout its journey. A well made move for all the class of audience. Packed with a pure love story that started at the childhood and they carried through the journey. Filled with typical dialogue’s that keeps you addicted to your seat. This new type of genre that takes the pure love story to Naxalisam. Totally more than an entertaining movie to all kinds of movie buffs.




Director Rishab shetty has added a feather to the KFI by giving birth to this fabulous movie on a shade of love with Blood. And he adored the LOVE in the bloodshed. Though there are some minute mistakes by the director but the effort of the actors has been overshadowed those minute mistakes. And I give 8/10 for Rishab shetty for making this beautiful adventure of love with the bloodshed backdrop.
All the characters are brilliantly enacted for their role. Rakshit Shetty is more matured and he proved once again that how a hero can be. By without having over heroism, buildup dialogues, mass punch’s and loudening songs for the hero. Hari Priya has played dual roles and everyone must applaud for her earnest acting in both roles. It will be a one more break to her career after Ugramm. And the Debutant Pramod shetty is starred by highlighting the movie in the negative role. Only Overdose in the movie is comedy part of Sadhu kokila, which would have been excluded. And the parent actors added cherry on the cake with their acting and outshined the minor mistakes in the screenplay.



And in the technical part everything is perfectly packed. The BGM by Arjun Janya is the highlight and steal the show with his magical composing. All the songs are Soothing for the ears and locations were dazzling indeed. Full marks to Venkatesh Alaguraj for Cinematography, showcased the nature’s green and Violence red in natural manner. 🙂

Overall a Pakka entertainer and its clings even after the movie got over. It deserved to watch and it remains one of the interesting movies in KFI. So what are you doing??


In Rakshit Shetty style 🙂

Book your Tickets and spend some time for the good winning Film. 🙂


Author: Ugly Indian

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