Getting better with Better Mileage!

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How much it will give??? Yeh kitne dethi hai??? A damn sure question which is going to be asked or heard during the discussion about any vehicle. Well it is turned out to be a usual question and the answer is the prime feature that is going to decide the quality of the vehicle. Yes, it’s all about MILEAGE of the vehicle and this will ease the many questions that are going to be fired against the efficiency of the vehicle. 🙂

If a vehicle has better mileage it speaks overall view of the vehicle and that speaks about everything. Starting from the engine quality and how that has been built, how friendly it is to the environment, how perfect abut it’s design and over all how much lesser the fuel it takes compare to the other vehicles and vehicles with better mileage consumes less fuel and emits less amount of carbon to the environment and that adores the class of the vehicle.

Yes mileage is very important and matters more in longer journeys where usually trucks lorry will get the better off with this better mileage. We normally come across many problems with this heavy load carrying vehicles i.e. truck/lorry during the transportation of our basic needs like food items and groceries. This travel as become some sort of business in now-a-days as the import and export within the country is going rapidly according to the needs of the nation across all the parts of the nation. If the manufactures and the producing companies would have designed in efficient way means then there won’t be any question of serious issues that we are facing often in the form of strike and bandhs from the owners or drivers of truck/lorry.

As for the current situation it is not going according to what here I’m discussing. It has to be overcome and it has to be eased as possible as it is interconnected to one to another, it has turned out to be a cycle chain. There should be no compromise from the manufactures for the betterment of the vehicles.

And these are all can be minimized with the preliminary care taken by R&D by joining the hands of manufactures for the better design of the engines to get the better mileage, better efficiency, for the better requirements and to maintain a better relationship with the environment as well and overall to make a business getting better with BETTER MILEAGE! 🙂


Author: Ugly Indian

Simple♥, Humble♥, Generous♥, L♥vable, and Goes on....♥♥ ツ Engineering by Choice, Banker as a Profession 😉. Photography has become my favourite activity since my Engineering days, and now it turned out to be a part of my Life. It's my Passion actually ☺ and Blogging is adding cherry to the cake for my Photography! 😆

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