My #KhulKeKheloHoli

HOLI: The festival of colours, the name itself is vibrant, joy, celebration and refreshment! This festival is exuberant and has a lot of meaning and a character in t. it has only 4 letters and it connects each and everyone with heart and through colours.
H for Happiness
O for Ocean of celebration
L for Lovely moments
I for it Integrates everyone
I believe HOLI is one of those festivals which is being celebrated by all the religions without any second thoughts in their mind.

Actually I could relishes and recollect few those moments of holi which adores the celebration of this fest. One which is in my school days, next at in the college, next in the office and the latest one is on the street with the unknown faces. All these are truly rejuvenating my livid moments with the colors!

Ok, come with me I will take you to those days to show how was my HOLI celebrations at that moment of time. It’s time here to revisit and relish those memories of the past. Well, actually I was at seventh standard and we did not have any specific holiday for the celebration of HOLI festival, so we were very much not aware of when is this festival going to celebrate. And this festival usually celebrated at the home in that period of time. And in our home, we are not fond of this holi festival but I was loved to celebrate with friends.

And it was afternoon on this Holi festival day, me and my friends done with the lunch and we headed back to class, we sit in our respective seats. And suddenly a girl from the backside started pouring colors as she bought it from her home and the splashing colors has fell on my face and the shirt. Then immediately I started running out of the classroom to trying to escape from the colors and friends.
Hmmm, I should have not done that but it happened, as I was running outside the class with colors on my face and the school uniform I was caught up by our PE teacher, Without any second thought that sir slapped on to my cheeks. Uffff that was a real jammer for my cheeks and teeth’s. As my teacher thought I was the one bought colors to the classroom and started doing this bizarre activities in the class hours. Without waiting for any moments I started apologizing for the mistake, this is how it happened in my first HOLI celebrations outside the home though I was not the victim to punish.

Though it’s a sad start in the school but it ended with a colourful note as and when I reached my home where I splashed with lot of colours and eggs. Yes, I must be remembered this for what it happened to me and finally it ended up with colourful cheers  🙂


“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”



Author: Ugly Indian

Simple♥, Humble♥, Generous♥, L♥vable, and Goes on....♥♥ ツ Engineering by Choice, Banker as a Profession 😉. Photography has become my favourite activity since my Engineering days, and now it turned out to be a part of my Life. It's my Passion actually ☺ and Blogging is adding cherry to the cake for my Photography! 😆

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