Only the ‘captain’ MS Dhoni departs!

There were the days when wicket Keeper is meant to be for wicket keeping or just a lower order batsman for Indian Cricket. But after the entry of you, you had been changed and engrossed the name of Wicket Keeper, Batsmen and the Captain too!
There were only few names at those periods where attacking cricket is meant to be for Adam Gilchrist, Dependable will be Kumar Sangakkara, finisher will be Michael Bevan and captain will be Ricky Ponting! But the entry of you, the long haired Dhoni has changed it. YES I am proud that you are from India!


Once there was a time when people used to turn off the TV’s when Sachin got out but you had changed it and you made people to believe in winning in matches till the last ball!

There was a time when people going poignant when there’s need to 10+ runs in the last over but you made it possible to believe to even when the requirement is TWO digits in the last TWO balls!

There was a time when Wicket keeper batsman hardly get to batting but you had showed how to score awe-inspiring  match winning knocks like 148, 183* and many more!

There was times when cricketers are used for the shots in the book of cricket but you had invented the shots that has reached the heights of Helicopter and thump the speed of the bullet!

There was a time when the umpires need to refer it for the THIRD umpire but you made it easy even for the spectators that once you appeal for the Run out/stumps it has to be OUT by 100% margin!

There was a time when running between wickets is boring but with your crispy running between the wickets has put down all the athletes!
When the team requires a suitable Opener you promoted Rohit Sharma to open the innings and he went on to score many Double centuries! The way you cheered and back boned for the match winners like Yuvi, Virat Kohli. Ravi Ashwin, RavindraJadeja, Shikar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina is massive and will be cherished for their rest of the career!

There was a time when our country struggled to win a single ICC trophy but you managed to fill our country’s home with all the possible ICC trophies!

There was a time when it tough to chase when the other end batsmen are not supporting with the bat but you have chased the targets easily and give us a picture perfect finishes!

There was a time when team Indian players hard to be TOP-10 of ICC Rankings but you dominated the rankings for consecutive years like a master of that game!

there was a time only Australian lads who grabs the ICC awards but you made those awards to stay in your cage for many years!

There are players who just think of self’s but you being a humble captain helped in your state to build an International stadium with full class facilities and helped in finding new talents from your place.

Yes! There are many things to write about you! I mean it from my heart to greet about you!
You came as a SELFLESS cricketer..
You played as a SELFLESS cricketer..
You said GOOD BYE as a SELFLESS warrior to TEST Cricket!
And you captained as a SELFLESS captain..

But you never said BYE to aggressive cricket, Match winning knocks, those 50+ average innings, sky high Helicopter shots. Sparkling Stumping, under arm run outs, those bullet like running between the wickets, those pun intended answers to the media and many more!

We want to see you again as MAHI who changed the thoughts of every individual across the world!

Come On Mahi!
Wanna hear those words again “Mahi maar raha hai” and  the “Man of the match goes to Mahendra Singh Dhoni” ❤

I wish you all success to carry forward the Legacy of Team India to more heights in the upcoming years !

Bring it ON Champion 🙂

That moment when I got a chance to meet and greet @MSDhoni 🙂 Spot me if you can! 😀

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