Biggest Travel sale on

My New Year resolution is not to make any New Year resolutions. Yes you heard it right. But something that made me to broke up with my New Year resolution as soon as I heard of‘s biggest travel sale of 2018. Hmm! Pretty interesting? I drooled with this as soon as I heard this, my resolution on travelling is pumped now! That factor is that you can get discount up-to Rs.20,000 on your flight tickets and an added discount up to Rs.5,000 on your hotel booking and  also get an instant 10% discount on your bus tickets.

Biggest Travel Sale of
Biggest Travel Sale of

I could not wait for a second to register here to give a lift to my travelling zeal. The offer is limited and can be used by existing and new customers and can be used between 9th January to 11 January 2018.
The code will be “WELCOME2018” to officially welcome this New Year. You can avail cheap flights offer on your finger tips with EaseMyTrip’s app which is available on android and iOS or on their website here.

After all we can get additional cashback on transactions done through HDFC bank debit cards and retail credit cards. I just made it to EaseMyTrip and opened my travel dairies into action . and the lucky one can get to win Activa from Droom, Rs.50,000 exclusive vouchers from Jabong and gift vouchers worth Rs.8,000 from various brands. So head to EaseMyTrip and read the T&C of the sale and for any other information click here. 🙂



Finding the right shade of Technology

In the era of internet technology the access to banking services through digital channels continue to grow with the time. This is one of the buzz word in the current scenario especially in India that too after the major revolution in banking i.e. Demonetization. So these have alleged to be effective, trustworthy and informative. The implementation has evolved from the traditional method of banking by not bounding to any operational timing, the services can be offered at a miniscule cost, fund transfers can be made to any area without any outstation charges and may more.

With these, the security issue is at most concern for the customers/users, as they advised not to provide any account related information over the phone or unsecured emails. Based on the finding the @TheOfficialSBI has initiated a many efforts to create awareness on the safe usage of IT products and against the prevalence of digital banking frauds.

Customers must beware of fraudsters pretending to represent banks over phone, emails or any other social media platforms. ATM is one where customer frequently visits to withdraw money, check balance and others while doing this make sure to cover the PIN pad while you enter your PIN. And must avoid dodgy looking and stand alone ATM in low lit areas and Stick to ATMs that are physically installed in a bank premises.

The customers must be aware of the new kind of hacking i.e. Skimming and cloning, the thieves may install the skimming devices in the ATM machines, the skimming will capture the complete details of the inserted ATM card including the CVV number and that will be replicated with the method of cloning. So make sure to have an eye on the “CARD inserting area” must be glowing with twinkling lights and avoid withdrawing cash on the weekends, the thieves tend to install skimming devices on a weekend as when they know the bank won’t be open again for more than 24/48 hours.

While doing online payments customers will receive an email requesting to open a copy of payment notification. It will prompt you to login via the email attachment. When you open the attachment in the email, it will be redirected to a fake banking website. In an attempt to steal banking details will be requested to login. As soon as you enter your login details on the screen, it will redirect to a successfully logged out screen. The fraudsters will now be in a position to access your banking profile. So customers must avoid redirecting to unauthorized payment notification.

Without the support of the customers the bank alone cannot eradicate the scams under SAFE usage of I.T. Everyone must aware of the dark side of the technology must try to overcome it and must enjoy the Benefits of its usage and ease of operation by joining the #SbiComputerSecurityDay which will enrich the knowledge level of customer and would enhance towards safe usage of the IT products.

“Magical Space Adventure” story by my Niece

Life is all about stories as Steven Moffat said it’s true that we are all stories, in the end. When I showed the Colgate three packs to my niece she immediately started imaging her way of story, without waiting for minute I given her a sheet of paper and asked her to narrate her way of story by imagining the pictures provided in the “Magical Space Adventure” special pack. Though she is just studying in the 5th standard her involving attitude is so interesting! So here you can see what’s her version of story about this “Magical Space Adventure”.

My Niece Gayathri TG is ready with her story!



Ramesh and Ramya are the two best friends who were staying in the same apartments and they were going to same school together. As it was a Ramya’s Birthday all her relatives were gathered in her home and she invited Ramesh for the Party and she insisted to stay at her home as the her grandpa is good at story telling so they can listen to the good old innovative stories. As soon as they listen’s the story from her grandpa they slept and both of them as got a same dream in such a way that they are playing with the stars, comets, mars etc in their dream. And in the next morning they asked their grandpa about it and got interested and fascinated towards the space and the galaxy. And they were curious indeed to learn more about the space and all. 🙂



As Ramesh and Ramya were very fascinated about their research in the space they took it seriously in their respective bachelor and masters degree and got hold the seat in ISRO. And they were on the edge of their success to launch and be a part of their childhood dream to land on the space and to play with the stars, comets and all. And it’s their dream come true moment for both the friends who were now on the edge of the launch of the satellite to the other planet like mars. 🙂



And the time has come that both the Ramesh and Ramya were landed on the mars and they were thought that there were some aliens were also there and they are not allow any human beings to settle in their land. As they were very precautious they took tranquillizers for their help and as soon as they saw the alien they shoot the aliens and make their way for the success launch of their dream moment.  And both Ramesh and Ramya fixed the flag of their reach and the success of the satellite launch. 🙂


Yes, this is what the story narrated by my niece Gayathri TG studying in just 5th standard. I really felt proud of her innovative thinking. So I kindly request all others to experience and explore the hidden talents with your kids through “Magical Space Adventure” special pack. 🙂

Thumpsup with all three stories 🙂


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Glimpse of AERO SHOW!

The best things about the flying gadgets is been show-cased for every two years in Yelahanka by our INDIAN ARMY!


Catch the feeling and experience the goosebumps through this video which i’d done with DIGI Camera (P.S – Don’t blame me for poor video capturing 😛 )


Watch here ::


You can also view the Photos with brief details of the flying armours here ::


Thank you for watching and viewing the images! 🙂

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My Experience at FlipkartOutdoors!

It’s Saturday morning, and the most awaited day is here because I am attending 1st bloggers meet in Bangalore I’m feeling like a water drop falling from the sky to reach the ground and the meeting the fellow bloggers in real is feeling like a sun ray falling on the water drop and makes it to glow like a diamond. Yes, it’s full of excitement for me and yes, I really felt that excitement carried throughout the day with the most experienced bloggers to the amateur bloggers and from small little games to the attack/trek games.


Well, the journey started from the starting point i.e. ulsoor lake, the bus is almost filled with the bloggers already when I get into the bus. I warmly welcomed with the organizers and I showed my Indipass and took my seat next to the Bangalore blogger who has already attended 5 Indiblogger meets and looks very relaxed indeed excited for this first outdoor meet that had never happened before.


And the bus started moving towards the destination place where the #FlipKartOutdoors supposed to kickoff. As usual the bus pierce into the traffic of Bangalore and AC’s were on and we started the conversation by introducing ourselves each other and I was keen in asking about the experience of Indiblogger meets in the past. The conversations continues as other fellow bloggers busy in accepting the challenges posted by @IndiBlogger on Twitter timeline but unfortunately I was unaware of the live challenges, I came to know as I get down the bus at the awaited place of the day i.e. Mango resort. Ohh yes, finally we reached at the place by experiencing the chaos of congested roads and Bangalore traffic as the resort is almost at the outskirts of Bangalore.



So we are at the Mango resort and I joined the experienced blogger and my twitter buddy who all the way headed from #Chennai for this Meet i.e. @AryanSarath . and this is our first face to face meet after all the mentions, Notifications and DM’s on Twitter, Facebook over a period of almost 3 years. I was really overwhelmed by his presence and his dedication towards the work. The conversations begin and continued till the end the breakfast and we heard the whistle sound from the master to note down the few guidelines for the day and that has to be carried though out the day.




And yes, the Indiblogger head officially welcomes us with the warm note and with witty warm-ups. As well the co-ordinaters of flipkart also welcomed us and briefed what we are going to do today and why we are here. Well, that’s ends all the guidelines and rules, As they already divided the bloggers into 7 teams and I fell into the bloggers team where iam not aware of anyone, but still we have the one thing that common in all i.e. “blogging”.  so that unites us and motivates us to involve in the activity in our own way.





We started attacking the gadgets and the products what flipkart has bring it to us to experience them in real and to feel the essence of it in our own hands. And we moved towards each of the products and our teammate bloggers unwrapped all the queries in their mind, we find each and every feature of the product that has been displayed. And we took a single from each the stores to experience them in real.


Firstly we head to Red Chief Shoes, and they are really worth for the money as they are very light in weight and they are eco-friendly as they are manufactured from the wastes and it is very helpful to the environment. There is no compromise on their quality is what I felt.



Then, we head to altec lansing speakers and headphones, they welcomed us by showing the water-dance on the water proof, damage roof and it has been filled with all sorts of technology proofs. This was really amazed quite of us. And yes, this is also a worth a product and I love to order this coming days via Flipkart.


And next we moved towards Coleman Products, where they displayed each and every product that we required during trekking or to travel. All the stuffs are neatly explained with the usage and essence of its requirement.


Then our next stop is at Polaroid Cube section. This has steal the show I guess with size of the Polaroid cube and the features of the cube has really amazing. This is already in my wish list section in my Flipkart account.


And we moved to the next section i.e. Sony Cameras, they showcased all their new models with their exclusive features that has not available with any other competitors. With a brilliant picture quality, more pixels, Bluetooth connectivity with the phones. Overall a new piece of technology to be looking forward in future.


And the awaited section is waiting for us that is Samsung S2 Gear, Totally amazed with its features and functionalities, it includes touch screen, Steps calculator, Running Tracker, Heart Beat Tracker, Reading Mails, Replying back and many more. And I really fell in love with this gadget.


And we are done with all the stores and we head to the games. Yes, we enjoyed to the core by playing all the games from zombie, rock climbing and many more. And time has already gone past 1’o clock and we headed for the lunch and had some good varieties in food also. And we ended the lunch with hot absorbing ice cream. In the mean time we got a whistle from the IndiBlogger team to assemble at the point where we dispersed. And they announced some Twitter timeline winners, as well as some activity winners on the day, and they said we are moving towards Paintball.





Paintball was really amazing, unfortunately our team lost the game but we enjoyed till the last minute. As soon as we end the game the time has already ticked 4 o’clock. So the bidding farewell to Mango resort is inching towards us. Yes we again came back our bus and started moving towards the morning starting point as that is the ending point as well, the sun is also moving towards his home as time approaches 6:30 pm. And it was totally a worthy and a splendid weekend with fellow bloggers and flipkart gadgets. And I am wishing to organize many more Blogger meets in Bangalore. And Thanks a lot for the whole team for making my 1st blogger meet as successful one for the next stages.  🙂


HP Star Wars

Star wars undoubtedly an iconic movie where it taken us to the new level by its imagination and with the advance in technology. Star wars been directed by George Lucas, the characters which are in this movie like Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker  etc has been the most liked characters amongst us and this movie is one of the highest grossing movies of all times.

Keeping Star wars in mind HP has come up with releasing STAR Wars themed HP Laptops. And HP has gone into the minutest of details.


Let’s go from the beginning:
The notebook comes packed in a large cardboard box covered in Darth Vader’s image.  It has come up with protective foam for the system and cardboard box for the power adapter come with the Star Wars theme. So I will shape a playing gun for my cousin sister out of it. 🙂

Next is the outer skin, the dark design of the device creates the environment to submerge us into the Star Wars universe, so we flaunt out with our friends the exterior rough feeling really makes us to experience the reality of star wars universe.

Fullscreen capture 06012016 83228 AM.bmp

And the Windows 10 has been specifically upgraded to support data worth 30GB. It has Core i5 processor and  12GB of RAM and a 2TB hard disk and  NVIDIA GeForce 940M GPU, the specifications are absolutely sinister  And It comes with over 30GB of pre-loaded Star Wars rare collection. This is the digital powerhouse with content spanning across Themes and Galleries, wallpapers, screen savers, movie posters, classic photos, e-book excerpts, movie trailers, costume designs, concept art, and original trilogy storyboards from the Star Wars. The collection has over 1,100 images. This all makes it a power-packed device.

Fullscreen capture 06012016 83405 AM.bmp

The sound effects are authentic with Star Wars beeps and the sounds including R2-D2 and light sabers. And even the font can be changed to Aurebesh, the galactic language – and all of the sounds and effects are customizable. The optional touchscreen will support the cause. As it has glowing red backlit keys. And we will plan pranks on them.

Fullscreen capture 06012016 83319 AM.bmp

The wireless mouse is funky. And we can see Darth Vader on the mouse, and I must say it feels like a true weapon. We can control the laptop through the wireless mouse. I am sure this is gonna be fun if we started playing games with friends by without telling them that it has wireless mouse so we show off them out with magical tricks from this wireless mouse.This just sets the stage right to get creative with creating the ultimate extravaganza.

If you wish to #AwakenYourForce ?? And get to know more about the awesome Star Wars collection from HP on 🙂