Finding the right shade of Technology

In the era of internet technology the access to banking services through digital channels continue to grow with the time. This is one of the buzz word in the current scenario especially in India that too after the major revolution in banking i.e. Demonetization. So these have alleged to be effective, trustworthy and informative. The implementation has evolved from the traditional method of banking by not bounding to any operational timing, the services can be offered at a miniscule cost, fund transfers can be made to any area without any outstation charges and may more.

With these, the security issue is at most concern for the customers/users, as they advised not to provide any account related information over the phone or unsecured emails. Based on the finding the @TheOfficialSBI has initiated a many efforts to create awareness on the safe usage of IT products and against the prevalence of digital banking frauds.

Customers must beware of fraudsters pretending to represent banks over phone, emails or any other social media platforms. ATM is one where customer frequently visits to withdraw money, check balance and others while doing this make sure to cover the PIN pad while you enter your PIN. And must avoid dodgy looking and stand alone ATM in low lit areas and Stick to ATMs that are physically installed in a bank premises.

The customers must be aware of the new kind of hacking i.e. Skimming and cloning, the thieves may install the skimming devices in the ATM machines, the skimming will capture the complete details of the inserted ATM card including the CVV number and that will be replicated with the method of cloning. So make sure to have an eye on the “CARD inserting area” must be glowing with twinkling lights and avoid withdrawing cash on the weekends, the thieves tend to install skimming devices on a weekend as when they know the bank won’t be open again for more than 24/48 hours.

While doing online payments customers will receive an email requesting to open a copy of payment notification. It will prompt you to login via the email attachment. When you open the attachment in the email, it will be redirected to a fake banking website. In an attempt to steal banking details will be requested to login. As soon as you enter your login details on the screen, it will redirect to a successfully logged out screen. The fraudsters will now be in a position to access your banking profile. So customers must avoid redirecting to unauthorized payment notification.

Without the support of the customers the bank alone cannot eradicate the scams under SAFE usage of I.T. Everyone must aware of the dark side of the technology must try to overcome it and must enjoy the Benefits of its usage and ease of operation by joining the #SbiComputerSecurityDay which will enrich the knowledge level of customer and would enhance towards safe usage of the IT products.

Simple tricks to make your home leak-free

The vehicle slows down a little when we come across the nicely built houses. Sometimes simply the exterior walls leave an impression on the passerby. It’s our natural tendency to have our own beautiful home. Sometimes, though we build a beautiful house, we fail to keep its charm for long. So it is important to list out the points that roots unattractiveness in your home and figure out ways to tackles those problems.

Here are a few points to be noted while you are constructing a new home or purchasing a flat for yourselves.

  • Firstly, identify the causes that make our home unsightly, nobody loves to have wet patches on the walls. The lack of aesthetics on the walls and moulds may also lead to dampness.
  • Seepage, badly built walls, inadequate waterproofing cracks and moulds can shatter the inner beauty of the home.
  • Joints and cracks in the walls should be checked thoroughly as these invite water to seep through and cause dampness.
  • A leaky roof can damage the ceiling and also affect the ceiling plaster and paint.
  • Continuous water leakage from the roof can cause peeling of paint, dampness on the walls and cracking of plaster.
  • Masonry should be used to fill the gaps between the frames. If not done properly, water can seep into the gaps and cause damage to external walls.
  • Water can easily damage the electrical appliances and can cause permanent damage in structural integrity of a house or a building.

Few days back, a friend told me about an event taking place in the city where the experts would be showcasing solutions for problems like water seepage, leakage, etc in homes. As I have been facing these problems for quite some time now and was eagerly looking for some sort of solution for this, I decided to attend this event. The very next day I headed to the Bangalore International Exhibition centre where Asia’s largest architecture building materials and design exhibition was taking place. I visited many stalls and came to know so much about construction. For all the information I obtained and the solutions I was presented with for the water leakage problems in my home, I found this event to be a great one.img_20161022_114628

Breaking the tension, let me tell you how this happened. Going across the many stalls at the exhibition, I stumbled across a stall of the waterproofing expert that is. Dr. Fixit.


There the experts showcased how important it is to use right products right from the construction stage. They explained everything from the minutes to the core by briefing and through live sessions by the experts. I realised how I had been using products and solutions that could never provide permanent solution as they don’t tackle the problem at its root. Some solutions only act as a cover hiding the problem for a while and not a solution, and so I needed to use better and correct solution to tackle particular problem.



Also, I learned about very important things that can grant a gorgeous house from outside as well as beautiful leak-free home from inside. These few points we all must look after to fulfil our dreams of keeping our homes beautiful for years to come.

  • Identify the water stains, black spot or mould in the roofs, usually the leaky roof will be above it.
  • Make sure that the roof is always dry and no water should cling on for a long duration of time.
  • The roof should have proper slope for the water passage during the rainy season, so there will be no water stock on the roof.
  • Don’t keep any wet clothes, carpets etc on the mould as it strengthens and multiplies the dampness.
  • Make sure the roof is water proofed with Dr. Fixit products, as it is the most effective waterproofing solution.
  • It takes a lot of time to identify minute cracks and joints and repair it so better use the right kind of waterproofing solutions so as you never face any such problems.
  • If there is an already existing problem, fret not. There are solutions available from Dr. Fixit which are very easy to use, economical and can repair your home. Make sure to consult an expert so as you only use the right product to tackle the problem.
  • Ensure to have proper ventilation in the home by keeping the windows open and try to keep wet clothes away from the walls. Keep the walls as dry as you can.
  • Waterproofing with Fixit products serves a dual purpose. It not just takes care of Waterproofing but also acts as a crack bridging agent making it a perfect long term investment to create your leak-free home.


By the end of the day,I was so happy to find solutions to most of my home problems. Also, Dr. Fixit has come up with a Dr. Fixit App that can instantly help the customers with the Tech-Chat option helping us build our beautiful home.


For any sort of issues, guidance, tips and for a healthy home visit

My Favorite City..

It takes few seconds for many of us to decide which is our favorite city, right??? But I am for that category, Yes, I do think if the question is about dream city. But no second thought for my favorite is concerned. And it’s undoubtedly the city which firmed in my heart and mind is my home town “Tumakuru”. Tumakuru, although located close to the famous cities in south India like Bangalore and Mysore. Tumakuru is yet to be completely explored. One has to DRIVE passionately to DESIGN the CONNECTIVITY to this unexplored place. 🙂

In spite of looking into other’s plate I always cherished to enjoy what I have at the moment. May be this is the reason that made me to consider my city as my favorite city as well I guess.  Tumakuru is really a beautiful place. So I decided to check out my own, in other terms I am rediscovering this land. This place is very near and neighboring city to IT hub of India [Bangalore].

Though it does not have any history of kingdoms and rulers. But it weighs a lot when it comes to the places that it has, and those places must not be missed. Starting from Siddaganga Mata, Namada chilume, Devarayana Durga, Shivagange, Basdi betta and many more. All these places are abundance of rich flora and fauna.  And few places back to the ages of the Ramayana, It is believed that Lord Rama shot his arrow to make a fountain(CHILUME) of water in the middle of the dense forest when he struggled to find water to put his NAMA (THILAKA) and Hence the place name NAMADA CHILUME . Like this each one has got unique identity with the history. This surely DRIVES anyone crazy and Impressive. 🙂

The DESIGN of this city is neatly matched and mattered as it is located In such a troposphere weather always mesmerizes with cool breeze to kick your day, chilled zesty sun in the afternoon and soothing air to sign off a day. 🙂

Stunning view from atop the hill [Basdi Betta], Tumakuru. 
And the CONNECTIVITY is brilliantly established as we are just 70 kms away from Bangalore. The footprints of Bangalore to Pune NH4 are here. Brilliant Highway to DRIVE everyone crazy. And this is how it connects from South part of the people towards North of the state. The connection is here already only thing is that it has to enfold in a right way to attract people to make better visiting spots unlike the other cities. 🙂

Well, I could not stop admiring the calmness, luxury, lifestyle, cost of living, value of the city and add-ons it has. And it made a promise to myself to discover the secrets it has and many other cities in the south India as well. 🙂


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