Only LOVE that makes you happy… Not MONEY!


Nothing is permanent in this world not even anyone or anything. But when it comes to LIFE, Only one remains and that is LOVE! After having a busy or even you call it a hectic schedule as for as bankers are concerned, today i got some relax and time to sleep for most of the TIME. As soon as i woke up in the afternoon 😛 i read some of the messages that sent in the groups of Whats-app.  And i don’t know why? but this message has stood across them and STANDS TALL and provokes me to share in my blog as well. Yes it’s WORTH a sharing.

Pic by – Sathish T.R
A woman saw THREE saints in front of her house. She did not know any of them.
She said –  “Kindly come inside and have food.”
The saints replied – “Is your husband inside the house?”
Woman – “No, he has gone out.”
Saints – “Will step into the house only when he is there.”
In the evening when the woman’s husband returns home, she tells him about the saints.
Husband – “Go and tell them I am home, and invite them inside the house.”
She went out and called the saints inside the house.
The saints now said – “We all don’t go inside anyone’s house together.”
“But why?” – the woman asked.
One of the saints replied – “My name is WEALTH.”
Then he pointed to the other saints and said –
“These two saints’ names are ‘PROSPERITY‘ and ‘LOVE‘.
Only one of us can come inside your house!
You go in, discuss with your family and decide which saint you want to invite.”
The woman went inside and told her husband all about this.
He was excited.
He said – “If this is the matter, let us invite wealth! Our house will then be filled with happiness.”
Wife – “I feel we should invite PROSPERITY.”
Their daughter was in the next room. She was listening to the discussions.  She came outside and said –
“I feel we should invite LOVE. Nothing is more important.”
“You are right, we should invite LOVE only.” – her parents agreed.
The woman went out and asked the saints –
“Who is LOVE? Please come inside the house.”
Love started walking towards the house!
The other two saints started following LOVE.
The surprised woman asked the saints –
“I only invited LOVE. Why are you two also coming inside the house?”
One of the saints replied – “If you had invited PROSPERITY or WEALTH, only that saint would have entered your house.
But you have invited LOVE!
LOVE never walks alone.
Where ever there’s LOVE, there’s PROSPERITY and WEALTH. They all go hand in hand.”
Read this story once, twice, thrice …
If you like it, stay with LOVE.
Pic by- Sathish T.R
Spread LOVE, give LOVE and take LOVE.
As LOVE is the only secret to SUCCESS!


Simple tricks to make your home leak-free

The vehicle slows down a little when we come across the nicely built houses. Sometimes simply the exterior walls leave an impression on the passerby. It’s our natural tendency to have our own beautiful home. Sometimes, though we build a beautiful house, we fail to keep its charm for long. So it is important to list out the points that roots unattractiveness in your home and figure out ways to tackles those problems.

Here are a few points to be noted while you are constructing a new home or purchasing a flat for yourselves.

  • Firstly, identify the causes that make our home unsightly, nobody loves to have wet patches on the walls. The lack of aesthetics on the walls and moulds may also lead to dampness.
  • Seepage, badly built walls, inadequate waterproofing cracks and moulds can shatter the inner beauty of the home.
  • Joints and cracks in the walls should be checked thoroughly as these invite water to seep through and cause dampness.
  • A leaky roof can damage the ceiling and also affect the ceiling plaster and paint.
  • Continuous water leakage from the roof can cause peeling of paint, dampness on the walls and cracking of plaster.
  • Masonry should be used to fill the gaps between the frames. If not done properly, water can seep into the gaps and cause damage to external walls.
  • Water can easily damage the electrical appliances and can cause permanent damage in structural integrity of a house or a building.

Few days back, a friend told me about an event taking place in the city where the experts would be showcasing solutions for problems like water seepage, leakage, etc in homes. As I have been facing these problems for quite some time now and was eagerly looking for some sort of solution for this, I decided to attend this event. The very next day I headed to the Bangalore International Exhibition centre where Asia’s largest architecture building materials and design exhibition was taking place. I visited many stalls and came to know so much about construction. For all the information I obtained and the solutions I was presented with for the water leakage problems in my home, I found this event to be a great one.img_20161022_114628

Breaking the tension, let me tell you how this happened. Going across the many stalls at the exhibition, I stumbled across a stall of the waterproofing expert that is. Dr. Fixit.


There the experts showcased how important it is to use right products right from the construction stage. They explained everything from the minutes to the core by briefing and through live sessions by the experts. I realised how I had been using products and solutions that could never provide permanent solution as they don’t tackle the problem at its root. Some solutions only act as a cover hiding the problem for a while and not a solution, and so I needed to use better and correct solution to tackle particular problem.



Also, I learned about very important things that can grant a gorgeous house from outside as well as beautiful leak-free home from inside. These few points we all must look after to fulfil our dreams of keeping our homes beautiful for years to come.

  • Identify the water stains, black spot or mould in the roofs, usually the leaky roof will be above it.
  • Make sure that the roof is always dry and no water should cling on for a long duration of time.
  • The roof should have proper slope for the water passage during the rainy season, so there will be no water stock on the roof.
  • Don’t keep any wet clothes, carpets etc on the mould as it strengthens and multiplies the dampness.
  • Make sure the roof is water proofed with Dr. Fixit products, as it is the most effective waterproofing solution.
  • It takes a lot of time to identify minute cracks and joints and repair it so better use the right kind of waterproofing solutions so as you never face any such problems.
  • If there is an already existing problem, fret not. There are solutions available from Dr. Fixit which are very easy to use, economical and can repair your home. Make sure to consult an expert so as you only use the right product to tackle the problem.
  • Ensure to have proper ventilation in the home by keeping the windows open and try to keep wet clothes away from the walls. Keep the walls as dry as you can.
  • Waterproofing with Fixit products serves a dual purpose. It not just takes care of Waterproofing but also acts as a crack bridging agent making it a perfect long term investment to create your leak-free home.


By the end of the day,I was so happy to find solutions to most of my home problems. Also, Dr. Fixit has come up with a Dr. Fixit App that can instantly help the customers with the Tech-Chat option helping us build our beautiful home.


For any sort of issues, guidance, tips and for a healthy home visit

Keep it SOFT!

Well, it reminds me a quote in Kannada as “If a plant doesn’t bend when it’s young, it not at all going to bend when it becomes a TREE”. So as for a baby also if we not provide and ensure a good soft skin for it, then it’s an impossible to task to get back the Midas touch of having a soft and puppy skin. 🙂

Without any expectation and anticipation the baby’s smile can steal our bad moods and hard feelings and spreads sheer smile and happiness around us. If the baby has that power, then why don’t we reward it back by ensuring a healthy soft skin for it? Agree right? Ok, let’s hear few points to ensure baby’s skin pretty soft from this unmarried guy. 😀 Unmarried but not inexperienced, as I have seen how’s my relatives/cousins baby’s had brought up and how they’re ensuring their baby’s skin and body. 🙂

So let’s see some more points other then which I already mentioned in Ugly Indian blog:

1: Provide some healthy and fresh food/fruit for baby’s and make sure the food content is rich in enriching the moisture and add glow to the body. And make sure to prepare a chart about the food habits of the baby advised by doctor. 🙂

2: Wash the body of the baby with light cotton material after taking the bath. So it doesn’t itch or harm the soft skin of the baby. And should wash very lightly and do not rub harder for quick dryness of the skin.

3: Make sure the baby is playing or sleeping in good area. The surrounding also matters a lot, as it’s our duty to provide clean area to play and sleep for the baby. If the area is not clean, the skin of the baby can be infected bacteria and viruses.  And don’t keep any unhealthy materials around the kids. Initially it attract the baby but it damages the skin and for the health of the baby.

4: Use specific body cream for the baby’s skin and don’t change the creams again and again as it takes time to adjust and internally it will harm the skin of the baby. So it’s good to go with natural or ayurvedic creams or powders in the beginning or its better take an advice from the doctor.

5: Don’t provide any oily items for the baby’s to play with. Better, don’t keep such items near by the baby. Make sure the baby’s area should hygiene and take some early precautions before its going in vein!

These are the few points which i knew, kindly share your views and points in the below comments section, so it will help everyone here.

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Someone who is MADE of Great, Yes without any second thought it’s my mother and I am just MAD of her greatness. No words describe the greatness of a mother that she has poured into his child and I really… really fortune and blessed enough to get a beautiful picture perfect MadeofGreat Mother.

Though I am not satisfied enough to describe the greatness of my mom but it’s my pleasure to convey at least the minimum love to my mom by writing this little thing.  A poor girl born and brought up in a little rural area where they strive hard for daily wages and where the pure meaning of poverty lies.  And that little girl is now a mother of an Engineer and a Doctor. Imagine the effort that she has poured and she is still pouring too.

An uneducated girl who works hard like an old buffalo just to make sure her family to get the basic daily bread is not an easy job that what we are doing now. The world has changed now and we are too. But just give a glimpse that how was that life? Yes, we dare to imagine the lifestyle and the life in those 1990’s and the early 20th century.  But she did brilliantly well and It’s me and my brother are the living examples to her astounding work and greatness.

She pulled the family like an ox attached to bullock cart, with holding her feelings, ambitions and dreams in her eyes. She has fought like a man to get her rights to survive her family. Those moments are still in my eyes. She never took her bread before feeding to us no matter she’d worked 24/7 nonstop. She is almost sacrificed her body and soul for giving the best possible education and lifestyle to her sons. My eyes become wet again and again if I imagined the amazedness’ that she has packed on us.



What do you think of Tata Motor’s association with Lionel Messi?

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Magical moments!

Our compassion for the things closer to life, fills our heart with the purpose, ultimately, embark on a journey full of life.  Yes, I miss the good old days where I playing with toys and always eager buy new things when we visit to any fairs and festivals in our villages! Yes, those are the days where I fortunate to be lavished with the love of my parents and my grandparents, with it all my innocent demands were fulfilled. 🙂

When i don’t get what I want, I found that crying out loud is the best choice; it had a remarkable effect on my home. Where my grandpa would come running and take me always, the result would be given playthings or chocolates to calm me down. This is what I used to do when I am around 4 or 5 years old. I would easily snuggle up into the laps of my family members and unmindful of the chaos I had created. Settle down to play with the new object or bunch of playthings! Many things that made my childhood awesome where I am happy with the smallest of the things without any discrimination even a handmade aero plane and paper boats were a history for me. 😛

Yes, childhood is like that only. But I always wish someone could’ve recorded my lovely chaos that I done in my childhood. As soon as I heard the Ad of Colgate, where they offering a surprise freebies inside the box, the little sparkle inside me has shined that what will happen if I give this box to my niece and capture her little pretty excitements, emotions and puppy expressions, As in today’s era of instantaneous gratification where my memory is fickle, the concept of action and its memory has greater significance. 🙂

Hmmm, then I went to a store and bought the packets of Colgate toothpaste with freebie printed on it.  The beauty of it is, it invoked me also as it’s a surprise freebie, where nobody knows what’s inside. Then I returned home and give it my little niece Gayathri, and I am all set with my mobile camera to capture her real expressions and excitements live!   She is surprised and her cute smile remembers my childhood days and she started unpacking the box by seeking my permission.  I am also pretty excited to see the suspense surprise element in the box and finally she got a ROYAL MEMBER inside that box. Then she carefully tear the box to unlocks her pirates of the kingdom and she started to release her attached members carefully by cutting nicely using scissor and started arranging them in a particular order as like in game of chess. As she saw me playing chess in my lappy and she identifies her ROYAL MEMBERS after cutting them nicely and started playing all the day with it. 🙂

Yes, it really made me to rejuvenate my childhood memories, its keeps us happy and active throughout the day. It enlivened our soul and drives out the boredom! That Smile on her face has given the energy that lasts all the day through and filled me with special refreshing feelings. 🙂

Watch the above videos, that’s how my niece opened the surprise box and happily playing with her ROYAL FAMILY, these memories are truly ecstatic 🙂

Thank you Colgate Dental Cream 🙂

Healthy Diet..

To keep our body in good state we have to sacrifice little little things. We have around 70+ years of lifespan, where forty years are about to get spent as childhood, teenage and marriage, rest twenty going in vain and the remaining 10-20, lying in our hand, instead of being fit and healthy, we are constantly  fall in Sick and some diseases and scared of it. Which is lame things to happen. Life seem short, we live only once. But, if done properly, once is enough. If one comes to know the value of diet and its importance in his early age. Knowing it and applying it to their life is the deciding factor of the success stores in their life. Of course, there is no substitute for being fit and Healthy. When this meets, we unknowingly welcome the most invited guest, i.e. HAPPINESS. 🙂

A Diet is something which we have to plan accordingly to the requirements of your body. Where little more or little less can leads to some other disorders in your body’s health. Usually people thought Diet is something that is adapted only to reduce the weight in some quick time. A Balanced Diet is something which we have to eat according to the requirement of our body. The intake of the food should be appropriate, hygiene and it should be taken in specified interval of time. 🙂

The balanced Diet has many advantages as one can feel rejuvenating about his Fitness and Heath. As the diet could not add any unnecessary weight. It creates awareness about the value of Food and time; we got to know real value of it. It keeps our body digestive system to work exactly as to keep our body to stay Healthy without any problems. And importantly makes us FIT and stay STRONG as it kills extra calories that present in our body and burns the unnecessary fat which is stored earlier. It keeps the body routine perfectly works to stay fit to gain perfect weight and to bid bye to unhealthy problems. 😦

With this Balanced diet, one should practice the things like yoga; morning exercise as well as an evening walk can make sure to stay fit and healthy for the body. As we only about our body requirements we have to judge ourselves to stay fit and healthy.  Rather than going behind the dumb rules, make sure about the importance of Healthy diet and connect with the experts dieticians to know  about the happiness of being Healthy and Fit. I must thank for Dabur for introducing Honey Diet as it is very pure and gives wings to stay fit and healthy. 😀

So from now ON, just follow the only mantra, i.e. Eat Healthy, Stay FIT and Feel YOUNG 😀

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Healthy Rewards..

As being an engineering student i gets nervous, tense or stupefied whenever someone told me to present any seminars and projects, as a result it makes me to evade the answers and starts fumbling… Hmmm yes, it had happened to me when i was studying Engineering, it all happens to me because of the oily skin and the blackheads on my face. It indirectly pulls my approach to the situation and downgrades me in every step of my life! 😦

I had tried to many things to overcome this problem as face is the most recognising and exposed part of our body. As i spend most of the time in outside and i always spend the time under the sun by playing and going out with friends, it has become a nightmare for me to overcome my face problems. When i am in this dilemma i come across this site where it remembers the tips which are guided and advised by my grand maa to use Home made or Ayurvedic to overcome this problems where i needn’t visit a salon or spend an exorbitant amount of money to get rid off black heads and oily skin in natural and the materials using in our kitchen only, this is surely an inexpensive yet efficient ingredients at my home and these exfoliators deserve a place of honour on my face regime 🙂

The using of the Egg whites to remove the current and future blackheads has been an excellent tip to get rid off this problem. As these ingredients are easily available and always in full stock in almost all the houses, And the procedure to use this tip has been clearly and neatly explained in the link as follows. irstly we need to pat our face dry and then apply a thin layer of egg white over our skin. then place a strip of facial tissue over the wet egg white, pressing it onto our face gently. Allow the first layer to dry and then carefully apply a second layer of egg white using the tissue. When the mask is dry, our face may feel tight, this is supposed to happen. Peel the tissue off and then gently wash the face to remove any residue. 🙂

As using this tip can be more effective as it is naturally prepared without any harmful ingredients and it can be prepared by anyone in the house. And who knows this one tip can change you, As like me. Yes, this helped me to get off from the skin problems and made me to take regime over my skin. And it internaly boosted my confidance and it made me relaxed, smiling and clearly enjoying all the situtions 🙂

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