Someone who is MADE of Great, Yes without any second thought it’s my mother and I am just MAD of her greatness. No words describe the greatness of a mother that she has poured into his child and I really… really fortune and blessed enough to get a beautiful picture perfect MadeofGreat Mother.

Though I am not satisfied enough to describe the greatness of my mom but it’s my pleasure to convey at least the minimum love to my mom by writing this little thing.  A poor girl born and brought up in a little rural area where they strive hard for daily wages and where the pure meaning of poverty lies.  And that little girl is now a mother of an Engineer and a Doctor. Imagine the effort that she has poured and she is still pouring too.

An uneducated girl who works hard like an old buffalo just to make sure her family to get the basic daily bread is not an easy job that what we are doing now. The world has changed now and we are too. But just give a glimpse that how was that life? Yes, we dare to imagine the lifestyle and the life in those 1990’s and the early 20th century.  But she did brilliantly well and It’s me and my brother are the living examples to her astounding work and greatness.

She pulled the family like an ox attached to bullock cart, with holding her feelings, ambitions and dreams in her eyes. She has fought like a man to get her rights to survive her family. Those moments are still in my eyes. She never took her bread before feeding to us no matter she’d worked 24/7 nonstop. She is almost sacrificed her body and soul for giving the best possible education and lifestyle to her sons. My eyes become wet again and again if I imagined the amazedness’ that she has packed on us.



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