” United we stand, Divided we fall ” We all grown by seeing this proverb. We all matured our lives by enhancing this proverb. And we must agree that its 100% true and universal 🙂

Our compassion for the things closer to life, fills our heart with the purpose, ultimately, embark on a journey full of life.  Yes, I miss the good old days where I playing with full of family members, relatives and neibhours. New gang of friends when we visit to any fairs and festivals in our villages! Yes, those are the days where I fortunate to be lavished with the love of being unite and being together 🙂

The memories always stand tall and mesmerizes every time when we had a hop into it. The clear picture comes to mind when I thought of together in nature is, Honey bees in Honeycomb. Wah we must salute to its unity and its quality of life.

As I had some naughty gang of kids and you can call them partners in crime. 😛 Yes, I usually visit to my village in my summer holidays and its gonna be a trademark of fun and unlimited entertainment where there is no restriction of dad and mom. Where we can enjoy as much as we can with the enormous love of our grand parents!

And we were playing tree climbing game in the afternoon with my naughty gang of kids, may be I was at the age of 12 I guess! And we were drenched with the heat of sun and we were really tired by playing it where we started playing at morning 7am and its 3pm in the afternoon and game is still ON! You could imagine the stamina of us. Yes, it usually for those aged kids and at that moment! And we were in a need of some cold drinks In that time my chota friend showed the honeycomb and he explained the sweet of honey in his drool worthy style 😛

And we all started throwing stones towards that honeycomb/honeywell and there it begins the attack from the masters of bee. Hmmm! Its no way OUT… We never imagined of such number of honeybees in that honeycomb OMG! Is the only expression in all of us! And with gods grace we managed to escape from such a dangerous attack of honey bees! With lots of Hufffs and Puffs… then there we realized the real power of UNITY and how UNITY and being TOGETHER is worthy and helpful 🙂

Yes! It may be sounds less but its spot on and admirable. Don’t hear to any false statements and don’t go beyond it just be yourself and think it! Its true. Never lose your unity and never miss the quality of happiness that’s been hidden it. Its like a PURE HONEY present in the HoneyWell 🙂

Visit : and  watch Kissanpur “Real Joy of Togetherness” Video


Magical moments!

Our compassion for the things closer to life, fills our heart with the purpose, ultimately, embark on a journey full of life.  Yes, I miss the good old days where I playing with toys and always eager buy new things when we visit to any fairs and festivals in our villages! Yes, those are the days where I fortunate to be lavished with the love of my parents and my grandparents, with it all my innocent demands were fulfilled. 🙂

When i don’t get what I want, I found that crying out loud is the best choice; it had a remarkable effect on my home. Where my grandpa would come running and take me always, the result would be given playthings or chocolates to calm me down. This is what I used to do when I am around 4 or 5 years old. I would easily snuggle up into the laps of my family members and unmindful of the chaos I had created. Settle down to play with the new object or bunch of playthings! Many things that made my childhood awesome where I am happy with the smallest of the things without any discrimination even a handmade aero plane and paper boats were a history for me. 😛

Yes, childhood is like that only. But I always wish someone could’ve recorded my lovely chaos that I done in my childhood. As soon as I heard the Ad of Colgate, where they offering a surprise freebies inside the box, the little sparkle inside me has shined that what will happen if I give this box to my niece and capture her little pretty excitements, emotions and puppy expressions, As in today’s era of instantaneous gratification where my memory is fickle, the concept of action and its memory has greater significance. 🙂

Hmmm, then I went to a store and bought the packets of Colgate toothpaste with freebie printed on it.  The beauty of it is, it invoked me also as it’s a surprise freebie, where nobody knows what’s inside. Then I returned home and give it my little niece Gayathri, and I am all set with my mobile camera to capture her real expressions and excitements live!   She is surprised and her cute smile remembers my childhood days and she started unpacking the box by seeking my permission.  I am also pretty excited to see the suspense surprise element in the box and finally she got a ROYAL MEMBER inside that box. Then she carefully tear the box to unlocks her pirates of the kingdom and she started to release her attached members carefully by cutting nicely using scissor and started arranging them in a particular order as like in game of chess. As she saw me playing chess in my lappy and she identifies her ROYAL MEMBERS after cutting them nicely and started playing all the day with it. 🙂

Yes, it really made me to rejuvenate my childhood memories, its keeps us happy and active throughout the day. It enlivened our soul and drives out the boredom! That Smile on her face has given the energy that lasts all the day through and filled me with special refreshing feelings. 🙂

Watch the above videos, that’s how my niece opened the surprise box and happily playing with her ROYAL FAMILY, these memories are truly ecstatic 🙂

Thank you Colgate Dental Cream 🙂

Dad for Life :) Continues..

Life doesn’t teach all the lessons to us but in one or the other way it makes us to realize the lessons. For me my dad is the wonderful chapter of my life. He is not educated but his aims are always on the bull’s-eye. He is not the richest man in the world but all his dreams are colorful. He is not the great entrepreneur but he inherits the best building characters of life 🙂

There is always a full of pride in his eyes that fulfills my hunger of achieving more in life.   He is the moral of my life for teaching and punching for the bad things I did. And for doing nothing is some point of life. And encouraging me by standing as moral support in life. His voice has the power of trust and the merit. I respect a lot of his words and feelings. He always insisted upon us by telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even if it killed us and it nearly did. 😀

A big HUG for dad being shield and comfort to our family and for the assurance of him being around makes my life so much easier. His thoughts and the way he taught the lessons that have made me, the real ME. He is the solid pillar and being soft pillow to sob on. 🙂

A big HUG for you, DAD for making my family happy where life begins and love never ends. It’s because of you where I can stand against the world. My father is F- Fearless, A- Alluring, T- True love, H- Heartiest. E- Exceptional, R-Responsible. He is the real Santa Claus in the home by fulfilling all our desires, dreams and the only man who took me to clouds. 🙂

To give his shoulder to lean when I am down to look beyond my eyes and identify the truth hidden behind it. Always pat my back regardless of my success or a failure. Always tries to insert  values to life. Jumps with joy when we succeed in work where he taught there is no “I”, there is only “WE” it about togetherness, bonding, belonging and loving.

And at not the least a BIG HUG for DAD to get me the best MOM in the world and to have the best genes and to create the MASTERPIECE like me 😀 😀  Still I am yet to give a HUG to my dad, waiting for the dream moment to give him a BIG HUG, LOVE YOU DAD ❤ 🙂

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Dad For Life :)

Dad! The name itself fills the heart and touches the glory of honor. Yes, he is the man for the home, man for the life. Anybodies life couldn’t be fulfilled without feeling the sound of the word “DAD”. May be he cannot fulfill all the things which you wish but he succeeded in showing the right path to those wished things!! Yes, he is the right man for everyone’s life. No matter he is born as a poor or a rich. He wished you to grow as a good human being. Where being good human matters a lot in the life! He needs a big HUG for this 🙂

Hmmm, yes he is also an inexperienced person like as we are now, but the change over from the young, immature to a Perfect DAD is precious. Leaving all the bad as well as disgusting stuffs which he had before! May be the pressure being dad or the Love of being a good dad has made him the GEM of a person. Yes he needs Big HUG for this 🙂

The time how he managed to take care of her wife during her pregnancy and after the delivery is truly immeasurable and how he took me in his hands for the first time and how he managed take off his outside pressures to please me when I am crying out loud for the silly stuffs in the mid nights. Hmmm he needs a HUG for this 🙂

The pressure of maintaining the family by being very kind and working hard for the goodness of the child without wicked in his heart is stands tall of all. The way how he managed to hold my hands during my first walk, the way how he opens my mouth to have good food for me, is truly delightful. He needs a HUG for this 🙂

The way how he carried us to school and the amount of calculative risk he took us to get the excellent gesture in life and cultivate the time reliability in life are the contemporary qualities that he transferred in our steps of life. The way how he reacts when I scored less marks in school, the way how he took off the dimness in me to get the good marks in all the subjects is indeed a supernatural. I still remember the fire in his eyes and the passion in his approach is supreme. For all these wonderful memories he needs a BIG HUG 🙂

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Happiness for Life!

Now a days, the world is moving at a faster pace and more modernised and materialistic. People have become machine and is running after money. People do not have time to share with their kids, due to this hectic daily routine of one’s life. People are getting no time to rewind their past and good moments. And Yes, i am very Thankful to Coca-Cola India for giving me a chance to share my Little Little Happiness moments that i experienced in my life, Here are my Happy moments 🙂

The first and forever Happiness moments are done in our childhood and especially in our school days with the chaddi buddy friends, Hmmm the moment when we had to sing the early morning prayer in the school and to open our eyes in the middle of the prayer just to see if others were really singing? i am sure you all did this.. 😛  And after completing the prayer we rushed to the classroom to grab our favourite places and getting ready to sing “Goooood morrrninng sir/madam….” in the same tune when a teacher enters the classroom 😀 😀

As doing these fukrey things we heading towards the next stage i.e college and the real Happiness moments were started from here. where we reach late to the classroom and stand outside of the classroom while others are offerring torture from the lecture 😛 and we are enjoying by doing the mimicry of the lecturer who was inside the classroom 😛 And making a fake announcement by asking the lecturer to send one of our friend that he is called by the principal 😛 and all together running into the canteen just for timepass 😀

And going to the 5 star hotel just to click pictures in the Lobby, just to update the pictures on Facebook/Twitter. but actually we went to the roadside hotel to eat like a pig 😛 😛  I am sure you all did this 😀

And the time moves we all friends moved to other parts of the city and we never missed to attend any of the friends marrieges and events where its the only place to catch all the buddies once again to remember the funny things we did in our journey and we all try to create some more Happiness moments to cherisg for our life time 🙂 🙂

And the recent evergreen happiness moment is the time which i spent with my Aunt’s daughter. Spending time with the little beauty by making fishy faces and doing silly mischiefs to make her laugh and try to involve in her way of imagination like gobbling up the whole sun, Playing football using Moon, playing the game of dice using Stars etc were so ecstatic! 🙂 This is my all time happiness memory which makes makes me to feel rejuvanate always 🙂 🙂

Its really been an awesome journey, We all had this little little Happiness moments in our life.. Its our life make it LARGE with these LITTLE LITTLE Happiness moments 😀  Thanks again for  Coca-Cola India for this Wonderful chance 🙂 And Dont forget to visit this link 🙂

Have a look at this amazing video of Happiness 🙂

Little’s Little things..

Yes, If its spring for the mother nature, then she has been kind enough to bestow on us the most beautiful phase of our life, which is often proclaimed as ”Childhood” that is the time when we dare to think of even gobbling up the whole sun, Playing football using Moon, and playing the game of dice using Stars with our enviable energy. that is the age where we actually missing and we actually love to see again in form of children’s we come across in our daily life.

Hmm yes, I just love to share the moments that i cherished with my aunt’s daughter. The baby has arrived to our family at the age of 9 months after my aunt’s delivery and completing traditional culture of our family. what happened after that is just mesmerising… All our family members were happy and ecstatic to see the baby in our home after many many days. Initially i couldn’t able to spend time with the little cutey ❤ . but i feel cool and comfort whenever i see its face or when i spend the time with the baby.

Then i used to spend my time with little beauty ❤ by making fishy faces and doing silly mischiefs to make her laugh. and she has grew little further and she never sit politely, always making the nasty stuffs. always crawling towards the door, even its a nightmare for our family members to keep her quite 😛 Yes, those are the days where i am fortunate to be lavished by playing with the little baby. by her cuteness and the freshness she is spreading in the house is massive. and there are numerous incidents which made my family members to be kept active all the day with her pretty cool activities! 🙂  

When she don’t get what she want, she found that crying out loud is the best choice, it had a remarkable effect on my home. where my grandpaa and my dad would ran towards her and took her to their shoulders, the result would be given chocolates or other playthings to calm her down. this is what she used to do when she around 3 or 4 years old. with that all her innocent demands were fulfilled. She would easily snuggle up into the laps of my family members and unmindful of the chaos she had created. settle down to play with the new object or bunch of chocolates! many things like that has made my family awesome where she would be happy with the smallest of the things without any discrimination even a handmade aeroplane and paper boats were a history to her. 🙂

Little's Little things..
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She used to go out and see the outside things a lot and her mom is very comfort that she is using Pampers to the little baby for the care and protection and it has made the baby to play without any wetness and it keeps the baby active and happy for a day long! 🙂

Watch this awesome video to get mesmerized..

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Many Ways to Propose..

Love, Its a special feeling that starts from eyes and felt by Heart <3. Every individual has their own thoughts and perspective in love to fall in the kingdom of Love. Its the complete feeling in the heart where it changes even a stone hearted person into a gentle and polite person. Everyone has been hugged by the feel of Love at one or the other point of the time.

Well, There are many ways to start your love, some loves start with the eye contact, they feel the guy/girl is mine and they borned for us. Some love happens only after lots of understanding between them, they find a lots of similarities between them, and after that they will realize thats they are fall in the ocean of love. and some love starts as one sided, where one has to prove himself/herself that how much they love them, with all those efforts and trustworthy feeling they can land safely into the passion of Love. 🙂

Hmmm! Love and Propose. Its just a simple words but its the deadly combo i must say! many will fail and many will succeed in their first attempts. it takes all the nerves and guts to show one’s love to the other. It takes a requisite will, the wish to do anything for love, Most of the cases people fails to express in the first attempt, though after a fair number of trails, we may succeed. the well known fable of the thirsty crow is just an eye opener for all of us. the crow was thirsty. it flew in search of water here and there. the basic thing is the thirst of crow. under the duress of the thirst it thought of number of ways to quench it. its act of flying, gathering of pebbles and putting them into the pitcher are the means, but not the beginning and the end of the whole endeavour. ❤

the question arises is how will i propose ? yes, we have to remember the will of the crow, being thirsty is greatly important. in the same way for the thirst of love, we have to propose in such a exuberant way to enjoy the life!

Firstly i will understand her moods and try to be in her shoes to propose her in her own style. i will try to relax her by taking her to a long ride to the outskirts of the city on my bike. the silence of the nature, the healthy breeze that add adores to the passion of the love, with that a simple gift can become priceless! 🙂

the other ways to propose is to take her to the place which she loves a lot and teaching her the things that she afraid to do. like swimming, car driving etc by teaching swimming by taking her to the falls that she likes and make her to break the barriers and overcome the fear of swimming. and i would propose her with the witness of pure water. 🙂

the next way i would propose her is by taking her to the top of mountain and by showing the beauty of the Small world from the top and i propose with showing the our love is bigger than this small world. 🙂

the next way quite different and its the special way by taking her to Horse ride. where only, me and my love has to ride the horse across the town like a king and queen. and i would propose in the Royal way by gifting the thing that she never able to buy due to high cost or out of stock. by make her to sit on the horse and i propose from the down in my own style! 🙂

Like this there are many ways to express your Love ❤ to impress your Dove 😛

so why are you waiting ?? the valentines day around the corner get ready to Express your in your OWN Style 🙂

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