Many Ways to Propose..

Love, Its a special feeling that starts from eyes and felt by Heart <3. Every individual has their own thoughts and perspective in love to fall in the kingdom of Love. Its the complete feeling in the heart where it changes even a stone hearted person into a gentle and polite person. Everyone has been hugged by the feel of Love at one or the other point of the time.

Well, There are many ways to start your love, some loves start with the eye contact, they feel the guy/girl is mine and they borned for us. Some love happens only after lots of understanding between them, they find a lots of similarities between them, and after that they will realize thats they are fall in the ocean of love. and some love starts as one sided, where one has to prove himself/herself that how much they love them, with all those efforts and trustworthy feeling they can land safely into the passion of Love. 🙂

Hmmm! Love and Propose. Its just a simple words but its the deadly combo i must say! many will fail and many will succeed in their first attempts. it takes all the nerves and guts to show one’s love to the other. It takes a requisite will, the wish to do anything for love, Most of the cases people fails to express in the first attempt, though after a fair number of trails, we may succeed. the well known fable of the thirsty crow is just an eye opener for all of us. the crow was thirsty. it flew in search of water here and there. the basic thing is the thirst of crow. under the duress of the thirst it thought of number of ways to quench it. its act of flying, gathering of pebbles and putting them into the pitcher are the means, but not the beginning and the end of the whole endeavour. ❤

the question arises is how will i propose ? yes, we have to remember the will of the crow, being thirsty is greatly important. in the same way for the thirst of love, we have to propose in such a exuberant way to enjoy the life!

Firstly i will understand her moods and try to be in her shoes to propose her in her own style. i will try to relax her by taking her to a long ride to the outskirts of the city on my bike. the silence of the nature, the healthy breeze that add adores to the passion of the love, with that a simple gift can become priceless! 🙂

the other ways to propose is to take her to the place which she loves a lot and teaching her the things that she afraid to do. like swimming, car driving etc by teaching swimming by taking her to the falls that she likes and make her to break the barriers and overcome the fear of swimming. and i would propose her with the witness of pure water. 🙂

the next way i would propose her is by taking her to the top of mountain and by showing the beauty of the Small world from the top and i propose with showing the our love is bigger than this small world. 🙂

the next way quite different and its the special way by taking her to Horse ride. where only, me and my love has to ride the horse across the town like a king and queen. and i would propose in the Royal way by gifting the thing that she never able to buy due to high cost or out of stock. by make her to sit on the horse and i propose from the down in my own style! 🙂

Like this there are many ways to express your Love ❤ to impress your Dove 😛

so why are you waiting ?? the valentines day around the corner get ready to Express your in your OWN Style 🙂

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