Together We can..

It gives me goosebumps to remember the best memories of my life. One thing that always stand out in my memory for its amazing beauty, beauty of togetherness,  beauty of nature, beauty of roads and the beauty of experiences is the Day out with my family.  And I had ever thought that a day trip this long. Covering this great a part of our state could ever become a reality for me. And here I am going to share the memories of that best day trip. 🙂

It all started from from my home town Tumkur and culminated in the misty land of Shivanasamudra, It’s a small town in the Mandya District of the state of Karnataka, India. It is situated on the banks of the river Kaveri, Since we never spent a lot of time of being together, where i was busy in my work, my younger brother with his studies and my parents were alone in home all the day. we drove at a slow speed, with remembering those fukrey things we did in our childhood days and the soothing air wafting in and out, creating its own music.  😀

ShivanaSamudra is a pretty little segmented waterfall. Segmented waterfalls occurs because the Kaveri river itself splitting a few kilometers to the south into western and eastern branches. The western branch results in the twin waterfalls of Gaganachukki, whereas the eastern branch results in the Bharachukki falls.  And unlike many other water falls in the state, this one is relatively less crowded and offers an extremely peaceful sojourn away from the mad rush of city life. So we decided to make the most of it and head out of the city chaos. :/

By the time we made our first stop at a dhaba near Maddhur, we were about 100 kms into the journey; all pepped up and yes hungry enough to dig into a delicious breakfast of Idli, vada accompanied with piping hot Coffee. Looked quite happy, chatting away happily about the mischiefs and immitating the acts of each other and the morning was clear and looked fresh. Though we spent little time in stopping at random highways to take in the landscapes and posing for quirky photos in the middle of nowhere but never missed to the Sun rise that shines across the mountains surrounding the waterfalls.

Once we reach down around 1000 steps to meet the origin of segment Waterfalls everyone was really tired & couldn’t waited to jump into that waterfalls.

It was really refreshing indeed, Actually It had really thought me a lot the origin of river is like children’s to Parents, and how they flow away from each other to live thier life and finally meet at a single place called ocean. No matter wherever we go.. we find happiness in a place where we live together, together only we will cherish ourselves, refresh our mind and erase our sorrows. the time with family has made my body, mind and soul rejuvenated.  😀

With these moments we wrapped up our day trip with facing our delighted faces to rays of sun in the evening, this trip was an eye-opener for us that revealed to us the beauty of being together, Awesomeness of our state & this was full of great experiences and the longest I had taken. Can’t wait to get back on the one more outing and possibly add some more fantastic experiences. I am very thankful to my family they made my life awesome and even making the trip Amazing with fun and with this trip we got more positive and more giving – with fresh breeze cheering us up to literally face the challenges once we headed back down to the plains! 🙂

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My New Journey…

We are living in a world where everything moving at a faster pace, become more modernised and materialistic. we have become a machine and always running after money. We wont get much time to relax ourselves and to think about our passion 🙂

As being an engineer all i had is Wake up late in the morning, Rushing to office without having break fast, Trying to complete the work before deadlines, preparing for presentations, Struggle in traffic and reach home in the late night with fully tiredness. Hmmm, yes it has become life cycle me. Always strive to complete other’s work but never tries to start my dreams and passion. 😦 But the IT job is not securable that is the only issue which making me to think different. Moreover if i choose other job i should have to relocate to other citiies where i am FAMILY addicted, i never want to leave my parents alone.. but to keep my future clear and beneficial i should have to think different 😦 these questions on secure future has put me into the well of sadness and struggling present. 😦

For the goodness of me and my family i decided to take a break from my IT job and with the suggestions all my well wishing friends i took a bold step by deciding to get the Govt. job at any cost, but its not easy as what i said, its become impossible for me to shift from IT background to prepare for the government exams. with the support of my parents and the suggestion of my good friends with respect to my technical background i decided to preparing for the Bank exams as it’s a booming sector in India where technology is getting implemented day by day. and it’s become easy for me to clear the exam as i studied Two section’s out of four sections in the exam syllabus. 🙂

And i planned out well with a responsibility, motivation of friends and family i continued studying and practising the aptitude and finally i ended up by clearing two back to back banking exams and moreover i was SPOT ON in deciding to secured job rather than working in unsecured IT job 🙂  i was aware of the fact that if i got selected in any of the banks i would be get  placed in my state only, and this made me to get off the worry of relocation and my worry of leaving my parents alone. (y)

The BIG and a BOLD decision which i took has made me to grab the Officer post in a nationalised bank and i am just 200 kms from my home town, So i can visit my home whenever its necessery,  can enjoy happily with the parents on the weekends 🙂 🙂

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Optimism for Life..

Everyone has put on their thinking caps ON at some point of rime to think about their future life. Yes, everyone has their own way of approach to looking as well as working at it. It will give path to the value of LIFE. Even i too had many plans about my future life that how i build my career and how i project myself in the field of daily bread for me and my family. o_O

Well,  I always remember that the will of the crow , its being thirsty is greatly matters as like in the thirst of planning and securing the good future. we all should have the confidence and hopefulness in such a exuberant way to secure our future life 🙂

All it started when i was in last semester of my engineering where the IT companies visits our college to hire students. As according to our college rules there is no written/aptitude test for the students who were having more than 80% in their education career. gladly i fell in that category and all i did was i just concentrated on technical interview. but all of a sudden the visiting company has sent a notification that all the students has to appear in the written test 😥 i was really shocked and its just 4 days away for D-Day. It really hit me a lot, this was really my bad times for sure until my friend has come to me and help me out by teaching some aptitude skills even on that short period. Unfortunately i was not focussed enough to grab the things too fast and i couldn’t qualify for the second round. And the good thing is my friend who helped me is selected for the company. i was really depressed but with the motivation of friends and family i continued studying and practising the aptitude and finally i ended up by clearing two back to back banking exams and moreover i was SPOT ON in choosing secured job rather than working in unsecured IT job 🙂 🙂

Why i said unsecured because you can’t imagine what had happened next ?? the same friend who helped me in teaching aptitude skills had lost his job due to recession in his IT company and it had mentally him as well as me too and its time for me to reduce his burden of jobless situation and i took the step by explaining how we fail in choosing a right career path at the right time and explained him about the security of the job. as well as choosing the best profile to set our future clear. 🙂

And i feel happy that i sorted out his sudden and a big problem in a very efficient way and motivated him to choose bright and secured path and i helped him by providing materials and shared some tricks, short cut methods to solve the problems in banking exam. and it all ended well, when he grabbed the Officer post in a nationalised bank 🙂 🙂

Finally we grabbed the things well in according to the situation by keeping the future in mind.. Yes!! We grabbed the job that what we looked for… A good and a secure future!! 🙂 Don’t take chances, Just grab the Opportunity in STYLE 😀 🙂

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