“Magical Space Adventure” story by my Niece

Life is all about stories as Steven Moffat said it’s true that we are all stories, in the end. When I showed the Colgate three packs to my niece she immediately started imaging her way of story, without waiting for minute I given her a sheet of paper and asked her to narrate her way of story by imagining the pictures provided in the “Magical Space Adventure” special pack. Though she is just studying in the 5th standard her involving attitude is so interesting! So here you can see what’s her version of story about this “Magical Space Adventure”.

My Niece Gayathri TG is ready with her story!



Ramesh and Ramya are the two best friends who were staying in the same apartments and they were going to same school together. As it was a Ramya’s Birthday all her relatives were gathered in her home and she invited Ramesh for the Party and she insisted to stay at her home as the her grandpa is good at story telling so they can listen to the good old innovative stories. As soon as they listen’s the story from her grandpa they slept and both of them as got a same dream in such a way that they are playing with the stars, comets, mars etc in their dream. And in the next morning they asked their grandpa about it and got interested and fascinated towards the space and the galaxy. And they were curious indeed to learn more about the space and all. 🙂



As Ramesh and Ramya were very fascinated about their research in the space they took it seriously in their respective bachelor and masters degree and got hold the seat in ISRO. And they were on the edge of their success to launch and be a part of their childhood dream to land on the space and to play with the stars, comets and all. And it’s their dream come true moment for both the friends who were now on the edge of the launch of the satellite to the other planet like mars. 🙂



And the time has come that both the Ramesh and Ramya were landed on the mars and they were thought that there were some aliens were also there and they are not allow any human beings to settle in their land. As they were very precautious they took tranquillizers for their help and as soon as they saw the alien they shoot the aliens and make their way for the success launch of their dream moment.  And both Ramesh and Ramya fixed the flag of their reach and the success of the satellite launch. 🙂


Yes, this is what the story narrated by my niece Gayathri TG studying in just 5th standard. I really felt proud of her innovative thinking. So I kindly request all others to experience and explore the hidden talents with your kids through “Magical Space Adventure” special pack. 🙂

Thumpsup with all three stories 🙂


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