What an Impact it is!


Those are the days where studying was the only mantra for us, yes. When I was joined for my high school in 2003, it was really a struggling days for me because I just joined to English medium. Till that date I was in Kannada medium it’s a local language. And English is suddenly become a nightmare and a star to reach it. Studying all the subjects in English has become the toughest thing to digest in those days.

After getting so many suggestions and advises I came to know that studying Is the only way to get rid of the problem. It’s a new school for me and there are some various special things happening at that time. Hopefully its happening now also. According to that, it’s an event where the school principal going to honor the rank student who just got the first rank in the class. And the event happens on every last period of Friday and they will honor the topper on last Friday of the month. And that event name is “Sharada pooje”, where the principal going to reward the topper with some money and gift. By seeing those incidents at that time, there has started some spark in me though I was struggling at that moment to learn English. But that sort event has literally changed and made me to work for me to hit the bull’s eye at any cost. And 8th standard has completed where I just managed to score 80%. And the eager of topping the class has really made me to work hard and study hard to achieve that. And the time rolls even 9th standard also completed with 85%. 😀

And the real battle is now ON when I reached 10th standard where I almost comfortable with subjects as well as the language. And in those days clearing 10th exam is become a milestone. As the time approaches with some blessings of friends, god, I got the 1st rank in the preparatory exam, which was happened before the final; exams. And I managed to score 608/625 and their I rewarded 200rs; yes I really mean it because I earned it. And the lost goal was still left to get my name printed on the board that is situated exactly front of the school and I is still there where anyone can watch it now also. Yes, finally I made it and placed my name on the board by securing 91.52% in the final exam. It’s really been a life time impact for me. And I literally felt the fruit of hard work and dedication. 🙂

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Upbringing Impacts

We are made of impacts. The impacts that we actually experience is the one which takes us to the next level of life. There are many such impacts that has made me, ME. 🙂

I was always waiting for the summer holidays in my early days of life, ie in my childhood. And that was early period of 20th century; only 90’s kids would understand the feeling of the summer holidays and the impacts of summer holidays. The moment when the summer vacation approaches I immediately hop into my village. I really cherished those days for many reasons. Behind that there are many impacts that leave their marks. According to my parents I could have reduced my weight in the village, as I was humpty dumpty guy at that age. And according to me I am going to get many bundles of friends to play with them in the open fields like the world never ends, no matter whether it’s in the soothing sunrise, under squeezing hot afternoon or in the breezing evening. And the impact that is revolving here is very clear, so I can play all the days and intern I could’ve reduced my fat as well. This is also one of the different sort impacts between me and my parents on the same reason.

In those 90’s where there was only one TV for the road or in an area. Whoever has TV in their home are the stars of the area, boss of the town. In those typical conditions, one fine day I saw a huge crowd cheering in front of the small shop, as I was little kid I was taunted to that and went near to that place, there I saw my uncle also one among that little huge crowd. And I was asked him what’s going on??? He lifts me up and there’s a cricket match was happening between India vs. Pakistan. And all the crowds were excited and cheering for team India, and it was Asia cup I guess, where I was just 7 or 8 years old.

And there where my craze on cricket has took birth and it’s been growing like anything, there I started cherishing the straight drives of Sachin, Square cut’s my Rahul Dravid, typical front foot cover drive of Brian Lara many more like those. Yes. Those incidents which have made a lot of things in me and the impact is still ON and it’s going strong. That impact has even made me to meet the rock star of that generation, down to earth personality and the Mr. Wall of cricket Rahul Dravid. The impact of cricket is surely a gem of the impact on me and my life.


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Life: It’s about Impacts

Well, those are the days where we believe in little little things, incidents that happen in between and around us.  Those moments, incidents which often summed as Impacts. On that we are living and we will be living in future. Impacts may be because of very minute things, but the footmarks left by them are very effective and in many cases, many of us are still following the result that comes out of those impacts. The Impact may be for life and may be for a minute or for day long.

Right from the minute particles to the giant buildings, mountains will surely gives us an impact in one or the other way. Almost everyone is under an Impact. Each one has their own and it depends on their perspective. Everyone has their own way of looking into the impact. Their it goes from a lot of positive impacts to lot of negative impacts. Many impacts that happened to us and they are still happening to us. Yes, totally it’s happening in each and every time of our life’s journey

In most of the cases we can summarize as our life is building on the impacts. Each brick of our life is an Impact. Each impact has got an identity, message and perspective. There are many impacts. The impacts what we see is different and the impacts what we experience is unique. Each one has different view towards the impact.

Impact may be happen or may not be happen. But that is also an Impact. Consider an example: if a girl complains that a boy is always looking at her. Hmmm, how come she knew that the boy is looking at her??? In fact she has also seen him. It’s like a bouncy ball. It bounces for every hit to the ground. In the same way or the other way impact rules us and I must say it follows Newton’s law “For every action there is equal and opposite reaction”. Wow, see what an impact of this law by Newton.

Life is moving on impacts. Whether we observe it or feel it or ignore it. It’s all about living on impacts. Why we want to live or survive??? Answer might be we are living for ourselves or for our family. There it is… see ourselves has also made an Impact on us. Family also made an impact on us. So be aware of the impacts most of the cases we may not find the positive impact but it’s within you to find the Positive impacts in the negative impact also. Each impact has their own quality. All we need to grasp the positivity and let that make an impact on us. 🙂


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

My Favorite City..

It takes few seconds for many of us to decide which is our favorite city, right??? But I am for that category, Yes, I do think if the question is about dream city. But no second thought for my favorite is concerned. And it’s undoubtedly the city which firmed in my heart and mind is my home town “Tumakuru”. Tumakuru, although located close to the famous cities in south India like Bangalore and Mysore. Tumakuru is yet to be completely explored. One has to DRIVE passionately to DESIGN the CONNECTIVITY to this unexplored place. 🙂

In spite of looking into other’s plate I always cherished to enjoy what I have at the moment. May be this is the reason that made me to consider my city as my favorite city as well I guess.  Tumakuru is really a beautiful place. So I decided to check out my own, in other terms I am rediscovering this land. This place is very near and neighboring city to IT hub of India [Bangalore].

Though it does not have any history of kingdoms and rulers. But it weighs a lot when it comes to the places that it has, and those places must not be missed. Starting from Siddaganga Mata, Namada chilume, Devarayana Durga, Shivagange, Basdi betta and many more. All these places are abundance of rich flora and fauna.  And few places back to the ages of the Ramayana, It is believed that Lord Rama shot his arrow to make a fountain(CHILUME) of water in the middle of the dense forest when he struggled to find water to put his NAMA (THILAKA) and Hence the place name NAMADA CHILUME . Like this each one has got unique identity with the history. This surely DRIVES anyone crazy and Impressive. 🙂

The DESIGN of this city is neatly matched and mattered as it is located In such a troposphere weather always mesmerizes with cool breeze to kick your day, chilled zesty sun in the afternoon and soothing air to sign off a day. 🙂

Stunning view from atop the hill [Basdi Betta], Tumakuru. 
And the CONNECTIVITY is brilliantly established as we are just 70 kms away from Bangalore. The footprints of Bangalore to Pune NH4 are here. Brilliant Highway to DRIVE everyone crazy. And this is how it connects from South part of the people towards North of the state. The connection is here already only thing is that it has to enfold in a right way to attract people to make better visiting spots unlike the other cities. 🙂

Well, I could not stop admiring the calmness, luxury, lifestyle, cost of living, value of the city and add-ons it has. And it made a promise to myself to discover the secrets it has and many other cities in the south India as well. 🙂


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Someone who is MADE of Great, Yes without any second thought it’s my mother and I am just MAD of her greatness. No words describe the greatness of a mother that she has poured into his child and I really… really fortune and blessed enough to get a beautiful picture perfect MadeofGreat Mother.

Though I am not satisfied enough to describe the greatness of my mom but it’s my pleasure to convey at least the minimum love to my mom by writing this little thing.  A poor girl born and brought up in a little rural area where they strive hard for daily wages and where the pure meaning of poverty lies.  And that little girl is now a mother of an Engineer and a Doctor. Imagine the effort that she has poured and she is still pouring too.

An uneducated girl who works hard like an old buffalo just to make sure her family to get the basic daily bread is not an easy job that what we are doing now. The world has changed now and we are too. But just give a glimpse that how was that life? Yes, we dare to imagine the lifestyle and the life in those 1990’s and the early 20th century.  But she did brilliantly well and It’s me and my brother are the living examples to her astounding work and greatness.

She pulled the family like an ox attached to bullock cart, with holding her feelings, ambitions and dreams in her eyes. She has fought like a man to get her rights to survive her family. Those moments are still in my eyes. She never took her bread before feeding to us no matter she’d worked 24/7 nonstop. She is almost sacrificed her body and soul for giving the best possible education and lifestyle to her sons. My eyes become wet again and again if I imagined the amazedness’ that she has packed on us.



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eKAVACH for better Parenting!

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The advent of Smartphone’s has changed everything in all the aspects. Yes, though it has advantages and disadvantages the impact is very highly influenced. And that too in all the generations of people and in turn it has created an addiction in each and everyone, especially on the children’s. Where they are most addictives to the grooming technology of Smartphone’s and Internet by knowingly or unknowingly.

In this fast moving smart era parents are getting less time to look after their kids as many of them were busy in professional works and spend most of the time in outside the house. As every parent is busy with their work and most of the children’s were busy with Smartphone’s in their hand. Its hard to understand the reality of outcomes from it. Where we have experienced both advantages and advantages through this. To understand a kid we must think like kids as well though you are a parent. That’s makes a best parents for the kids.

As Smartphone’s and internet has both bane and boon for the users. We must extract the better from the same channel itself. Yes, you can keep an eye on your kids and monitor all the activities of your kids without knowing to them.  With so much technology around kids. There is one technology to monitor their activities much effectively. This is called eKAVACH; a parental control app provides parents the best controls for digital family protection and internet safety from various online risks in all the aspects. 🙂

eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!

It gives Safe browsing, web content filtering and safe search for major browsers – Blocks pornography, adult and other harmful content to ensure safe internet surfing and browsing experience for kids. Its gives real time notifications once your kid crosses the limits that’s been set by parent itself. It control’s the Internet Usage and set time limits. It Monitor your child’s device reach through device heartbeat. Geo coordinates helps parents in tracking location of their children for their safety. 🙂

Have a look at the images, as this eKAVACH is easy to install and very friendly app as well. So anyuneducated parent can also handle this app in better way as the images and description is clealy explained in the app 🙂

Totally it gives total security and protection to the kids and the parents. So as the name suggests eKAVACH, its a protection and security for the better smart family. 🙂

Airtel 4G – The Fastest Internet

Everyone wants to have easy and faster things in life. And only in rare cases we were blessed to have these offers in our life to make the work easier, better and faster. Yes, I am talking about India’s largest mobile network company AIRTEL. In perspective of bringing new ideas in SMARTER ways Airtel has been brilliant and very effective in recognizing and overcoming the obstacles to changing limiting beliefs.:) It has closed the gap between what if it could achieve and what has to be achieved. 🙂

Airtel launched its next gen Airtel 4G where we can download a movie in no time and we can watch the videos without the error buffering. Yes, these were the days that we were thought while spending our whole days of life in the hands of 2G and 3G speed. Where the downloading a takes a day or more and it’s a nightmare for us. And as being a Cricket fanatic, now I can watch live cricket matches without buffering. Yes, In those days  I felt sad for the feeble internet speed, where I control the excitements and emotions of the game by not knowing at least the live score or the live video. This is all because of the slow internet speed 2G and 3G it makes us to agonize little bit. But now I can watch the live streaming matches hassle freely. 🙂

Airtel 4G test at Bangalore
Airtel 4G test at Bangalore

Finally the time has been arrived; we got a solution to keep our time safely without wasting anything. And I lively experienced the test of Airtel 4G vs 3G at Bangalore. Where you can see the difference in the picture above, Airtel 4G gets a speed upto 21 Mbps where 3G gets upto 1.5 Mbps.  Yes, I really Thankful to AIRTEL for bringing 4G internet across the country. As it is faster speed than 2G, 3G as well as from the other network providers and this uses very modest data. Moreover we will get 4G data packs at the price of 3G data pack, what else we can expect and I bet  this is the faster one in terms of downloading movies. 🙂

This is one of the perfect stuff for all who are cursing for poor internet speed with 2G/3G. This Airtel4G gives the updates with full flow wherever we are and whatever may be the time. With this I can’t miss any of my office works as this Network keeps me excited with live, latest movies, cricket scores and match updates. 🙂

Hmmm, thinking how awesome it is?? Come on why are you waiting just go and get connected with Airtel 4G. Where the SIM acts as a Regular, Micro and Nano SIM as well. Start connected with Airtel 4G and save your  lifespan 🙂

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