Keep it SOFT!

Well, it reminds me a quote in Kannada as “If a plant doesn’t bend when it’s young, it not at all going to bend when it becomes a TREE”. So as for a baby also if we not provide and ensure a good soft skin for it, then it’s an impossible to task to get back the Midas touch of having a soft and puppy skin. 🙂

Without any expectation and anticipation the baby’s smile can steal our bad moods and hard feelings and spreads sheer smile and happiness around us. If the baby has that power, then why don’t we reward it back by ensuring a healthy soft skin for it? Agree right? Ok, let’s hear few points to ensure baby’s skin pretty soft from this unmarried guy. 😀 Unmarried but not inexperienced, as I have seen how’s my relatives/cousins baby’s had brought up and how they’re ensuring their baby’s skin and body. 🙂

So let’s see some more points other then which I already mentioned in Ugly Indian blog:

1: Provide some healthy and fresh food/fruit for baby’s and make sure the food content is rich in enriching the moisture and add glow to the body. And make sure to prepare a chart about the food habits of the baby advised by doctor. 🙂

2: Wash the body of the baby with light cotton material after taking the bath. So it doesn’t itch or harm the soft skin of the baby. And should wash very lightly and do not rub harder for quick dryness of the skin.

3: Make sure the baby is playing or sleeping in good area. The surrounding also matters a lot, as it’s our duty to provide clean area to play and sleep for the baby. If the area is not clean, the skin of the baby can be infected bacteria and viruses.  And don’t keep any unhealthy materials around the kids. Initially it attract the baby but it damages the skin and for the health of the baby.

4: Use specific body cream for the baby’s skin and don’t change the creams again and again as it takes time to adjust and internally it will harm the skin of the baby. So it’s good to go with natural or ayurvedic creams or powders in the beginning or its better take an advice from the doctor.

5: Don’t provide any oily items for the baby’s to play with. Better, don’t keep such items near by the baby. Make sure the baby’s area should hygiene and take some early precautions before its going in vein!

These are the few points which i knew, kindly share your views and points in the below comments section, so it will help everyone here.

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eKAVACH for better Parenting!

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The advent of Smartphone’s has changed everything in all the aspects. Yes, though it has advantages and disadvantages the impact is very highly influenced. And that too in all the generations of people and in turn it has created an addiction in each and everyone, especially on the children’s. Where they are most addictives to the grooming technology of Smartphone’s and Internet by knowingly or unknowingly.

In this fast moving smart era parents are getting less time to look after their kids as many of them were busy in professional works and spend most of the time in outside the house. As every parent is busy with their work and most of the children’s were busy with Smartphone’s in their hand. Its hard to understand the reality of outcomes from it. Where we have experienced both advantages and advantages through this. To understand a kid we must think like kids as well though you are a parent. That’s makes a best parents for the kids.

As Smartphone’s and internet has both bane and boon for the users. We must extract the better from the same channel itself. Yes, you can keep an eye on your kids and monitor all the activities of your kids without knowing to them.  With so much technology around kids. There is one technology to monitor their activities much effectively. This is called eKAVACH; a parental control app provides parents the best controls for digital family protection and internet safety from various online risks in all the aspects. 🙂

eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!
eKAVACH for better Parenting!

It gives Safe browsing, web content filtering and safe search for major browsers – Blocks pornography, adult and other harmful content to ensure safe internet surfing and browsing experience for kids. Its gives real time notifications once your kid crosses the limits that’s been set by parent itself. It control’s the Internet Usage and set time limits. It Monitor your child’s device reach through device heartbeat. Geo coordinates helps parents in tracking location of their children for their safety. 🙂

Have a look at the images, as this eKAVACH is easy to install and very friendly app as well. So anyuneducated parent can also handle this app in better way as the images and description is clealy explained in the app 🙂

Totally it gives total security and protection to the kids and the parents. So as the name suggests eKAVACH, its a protection and security for the better smart family. 🙂

MaxFresh Move with Colgate

Dance is one of the forms of art which makes or keeps everyone active, energetic and cheerful. Yes, if I say it I mean it from the bottom of my heart. But unfortunately I hesitate to dance because my littlie heavy tummy. And it’s my bliss to watch the generation emergent with dance. And I feel Music is the heart of dance. If anyone hears the tone, then they automatically they tumble into the dream of dancing. 🙂

Well, when it comes to dancing Allu Arjun unexpectedly comes to my mind in movies and my niece Gayathri comes to my mind in real. I am waiting to grab her dancing steps in my tiny camera so its been a great memory for her and as well as me. 😀

You can find the video here:

I bet if you watch this video, you will definitely fell for her cute steps. When I reach her she already woke up and brushed with Colgate Maxfresh! Yup, I can see the refreshes in her charming eyes. That’s the impact the Colgate Maxfresh has made on her even on boring Sunday morning. Surely this is an awesome dance by my niece and I never thought she could dance for whole tune of Colgate Maxfresh. Hurray she has done it with one attempt and that’s how she has involved herself in dancing as well as the music. Yes, the dance and music are ruling like this! It makes us to feel from our heart and makes us to enjoy in the epitome of happiness 🙂

Lets go buddies. Show your Fresh Maxfresh move 🙂

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Magical moments!

Our compassion for the things closer to life, fills our heart with the purpose, ultimately, embark on a journey full of life.  Yes, I miss the good old days where I playing with toys and always eager buy new things when we visit to any fairs and festivals in our villages! Yes, those are the days where I fortunate to be lavished with the love of my parents and my grandparents, with it all my innocent demands were fulfilled. 🙂

When i don’t get what I want, I found that crying out loud is the best choice; it had a remarkable effect on my home. Where my grandpa would come running and take me always, the result would be given playthings or chocolates to calm me down. This is what I used to do when I am around 4 or 5 years old. I would easily snuggle up into the laps of my family members and unmindful of the chaos I had created. Settle down to play with the new object or bunch of playthings! Many things that made my childhood awesome where I am happy with the smallest of the things without any discrimination even a handmade aero plane and paper boats were a history for me. 😛

Yes, childhood is like that only. But I always wish someone could’ve recorded my lovely chaos that I done in my childhood. As soon as I heard the Ad of Colgate, where they offering a surprise freebies inside the box, the little sparkle inside me has shined that what will happen if I give this box to my niece and capture her little pretty excitements, emotions and puppy expressions, As in today’s era of instantaneous gratification where my memory is fickle, the concept of action and its memory has greater significance. 🙂

Hmmm, then I went to a store and bought the packets of Colgate toothpaste with freebie printed on it.  The beauty of it is, it invoked me also as it’s a surprise freebie, where nobody knows what’s inside. Then I returned home and give it my little niece Gayathri, and I am all set with my mobile camera to capture her real expressions and excitements live!   She is surprised and her cute smile remembers my childhood days and she started unpacking the box by seeking my permission.  I am also pretty excited to see the suspense surprise element in the box and finally she got a ROYAL MEMBER inside that box. Then she carefully tear the box to unlocks her pirates of the kingdom and she started to release her attached members carefully by cutting nicely using scissor and started arranging them in a particular order as like in game of chess. As she saw me playing chess in my lappy and she identifies her ROYAL MEMBERS after cutting them nicely and started playing all the day with it. 🙂

Yes, it really made me to rejuvenate my childhood memories, its keeps us happy and active throughout the day. It enlivened our soul and drives out the boredom! That Smile on her face has given the energy that lasts all the day through and filled me with special refreshing feelings. 🙂

Watch the above videos, that’s how my niece opened the surprise box and happily playing with her ROYAL FAMILY, these memories are truly ecstatic 🙂

Thank you Colgate Dental Cream 🙂