Ricky : Carnage of Love

Ricky, welcomes you all with the unique voice of Kiccha sudeepa and the movie continues its uniqueness throughout its journey. A well made move for all the class of audience. Packed with a pure love story that started at the childhood and they carried through the journey. Filled with typical dialogue’s that keeps you addicted to your seat. This new type of genre that takes the pure love story to Naxalisam. Totally more than an entertaining movie to all kinds of movie buffs.




Director Rishab shetty has added a feather to the KFI by giving birth to this fabulous movie on a shade of love with Blood. And he adored the LOVE in the bloodshed. Though there are some minute mistakes by the director but the effort of the actors has been overshadowed those minute mistakes. And I give 8/10 for Rishab shetty for making this beautiful adventure of love with the bloodshed backdrop.
All the characters are brilliantly enacted for their role. Rakshit Shetty is more matured and he proved once again that how a hero can be. By without having over heroism, buildup dialogues, mass punch’s and loudening songs for the hero. Hari Priya has played dual roles and everyone must applaud for her earnest acting in both roles. It will be a one more break to her career after Ugramm. And the Debutant Pramod shetty is starred by highlighting the movie in the negative role. Only Overdose in the movie is comedy part of Sadhu kokila, which would have been excluded. And the parent actors added cherry on the cake with their acting and outshined the minor mistakes in the screenplay.



And in the technical part everything is perfectly packed. The BGM by Arjun Janya is the highlight and steal the show with his magical composing. All the songs are Soothing for the ears and locations were dazzling indeed. Full marks to Venkatesh Alaguraj for Cinematography, showcased the nature’s green and Violence red in natural manner. 🙂

Overall a Pakka entertainer and its clings even after the movie got over. It deserved to watch and it remains one of the interesting movies in KFI. So what are you doing??


In Rakshit Shetty style 🙂

Book your Tickets and spend some time for the good winning Film. 🙂

Raring to go for Ricky

There are some days where Kannada film industry is in a dilemma with lack of producing creative, quality and good movies. But the trend has been shifted now. KFI stands tall in all the forms and giving enough competitions in producing some eminence movies. The change over time is very nippy and I am happy for witnessing this revolution.

In this transition period, there s one team which adored this revolution is Rakshith Shetty and his Ulidavaru Kandanthe team. And yeah, you heard it right! They are back with almost same promising team and with different concept and with a good note. Surely it’s something different I can say in terms of all and it is “RICKY”. Yes, Ricky is ready to strike the audience.



Who is this Ricky and why is this Ricky???
There are many reasons to watch out, let’s go one by one.

: I believe a good team can make you a winner, yes. This Ricky’s squad is almost filled with the quality members who worked in the movie Ulidavaru Kandanthe and made it success. The difference is Director and the Actor are exchanged their caps, where Rakshith shetty is leading again. And Rishab Shetty holding the ship for the first time. 🙂
: Trailer has already set the standards of Ricky. And it has already reached some milestones in KFI. The story looks very promising. Where it has filled with some real incidents experienced by the director Rishab Shetty. The star cast is brilliantly chosen. And the trailer literally gives me Goosebumps. The dialogues  like ಸೂರಿನ ಸುಖವಿಲ್ಲ, ನಿದ್ದೆಯ ಕನಸಿಲ್ಲ, ಬಾ ಸಾಥಿ ಈಗ ಗುರಿಯೊಂದೇ, ಹಲ್ಲಿಗೆ ಹಲ್ಲು, ಕಣ್ಣಿಗೆ ಕಣ್ಣು, ರಕ್ತಕ್ಕೆ ರಕ್ತ …. are taunting to watch the movie.

: Music is the soul of life and for the movies also not spared out of it. Yes, here the Music added many feathers to Ricky’s crown. The master Arjun Janya has continued his magical touch once again in Ricky. And he proved why he is called as a magical composer.  The Background score in the trailer is energetic and impressive. And all the songs are addictive.

: Dedication of RS’s (Rakshith Shetty and Rishab Shetty) duos is quiet brilliant as I am the sincere follower of this team since the movie started their first clap. And the posters are also something out of the ordinary.  I must say hard work never fails and hopefully whole Karnataka will witness the fabulous thrilling real story on the screen very soon.


Yeah, He’s coming. Ricky is hitting the screens on 22nd of this month with loads of promises and excitements. So get ready my dear movie buffs it’s going to be a Pakka entertainer, Let’s start booking your seats in your nearest theatres. And enjoy the unusual work of this unique team. 🙂

Countdown for Yash’s movie …

Abba!! Yash movie banthu (finally… Yash movie is here). This is the common word that I have been hearing since last four days in all the local areas I visit. What an excitement that this guy is created? Baap ray Baap…  As being a Kannada movie fanatic. It’s very rare to see this sort of excitement in the audience.  Moreover this guy is very much deserved for this kind of extravaganza from the people of all kinds of ages. Even small kids were eager to watch his movie. 🙂

Yash, dedicated and humbled person. He chooses the movie for uniqueness in the script and commonly called as Directors Actor, means he is such a kind that directors can use him for anything for the script. Dance, lover boy, local goon, mass dialogues, sentiment, emotions and for everything. Yes, Yash is totally a perfect package for the director; only thing is Directors has to come up with brilliant script to encase him at his best. 🙂

So it’s his first movie of the year 2015 is releasing on the last Friday of the year. So all eyes on his movie now. And the movie name is #MASTERPIECE, so as he. And many of us expecting his continues 100 days streak in the box office will go strongly with this movie also, as well as in the hearts of the Kannada audience. 🙂

So peeps get ready to watch the Yash movie again on this long weekend with your family/girl friend/boy friend etc. Yes unlike everyone I am also animated to watch his movie… and my reaction at the moment is “Abba… Yash movie banthu…

And for the people who are still unaware of Yash, see this picture of mine with the beautiful, charming actor Yash.

(ya)Shhhhh….. Yaralli SOUND’u Madodu 😛

To hold your nerves till that first day first show.. just watch the trailer of the movie #MasterPiece and begin the Countdown .. 😛




Rathavara: Action feast…

And he roars again, coming after the biggest hit Ugramm, Sri Murali’s new film Rathavara fashioned similarly as Ugramm in Back ground music and in action scenes. It is combined with action and nice story with fast paced narrative and its complete action package. But doesn’t give the hangover as Ugramm did. Apart from Ugramm, Sri Murali’s acting is brilliant, he cries, he dances, he admits and he sung as well. Mainly his Kadar look has made his fans to fall in love with him again. 🙂


Rathavara portrays a unique storyline. The script and the screenplay keep the audience entertaining. Cinematography is been very much appreciable. All the characters in the movie have added their values. Only thing that doesn’t work in the movie is Romantic part, as it looks so dummy in the narrative. There won’t be much important role for Rachita ram. But her lively attitude in the movie keeps adding commercial value to it. 🙂

Rathavara, a guy who knows only to fight and he only fight, with blood and guts. Previously he worked under a prominent political leader, who used him for all his illegal activities and as he given some mystery task for his success. Rathavara tried all possibilities to make it for his boss. But….. What’s next???  Watch it in the theatre buddies. 🙂

And there is good amount of comedy in the movie where Chikkanna and Sadhu Kokila done their part nicely. And the problems and the insensitive issues with transgender have been portrayed brilliantly.  A very neat try by a debut director Chandrasekhar Bandiyappa. It could have done much more better if the story has been tightened at the end of first part and at the beginning of 2nd part. 🙂

Overall it’s a complete Action packed movie. It will make it worth for one time watch. For two hours you can relax a bit and enjoy the action. 🙂

RangiTaranga Movie Review : Its a Thrilling Wave :)

Rangitaranga, A movie which satisfies all kinds of audiences by its jump scaring, haunting, stiff screenplay, frequent twists and for its brilliant BGM. Overall the movie is technically perfect. Where it is not stick to one genre. There are only few movies which gives you Goosebumps and haunting even after the movie. Where the horror, suspense, twists, jump scares carries throughout the movie. 🙂

Rangitaranga Kannada Movie

Director Anup Bhandari has done a brilliant script and screenplay. All thanks to him by executing in better way than audience expected! The main story revolves around a haunted housein a place a called “Kamarutta” and many mysteries around it. As this story is stick to one genre. One side it makes audience to think about the horror “Guddada butha” and Bramha Rakshasa. And on the other side the main characters reaches the haunted place for different purpose and the new character reaches the same place in search of his idol writer. 🙂

All characters has added cherry to the cake with their movie where no one compromises on their job. Right from the first scene the cast has done brilliantly, Kudos to the director for taking a tough script and screenplay in a good way  till the end, and the way the story ends by connecting all the frequent twists in a better way is definitely a cliffhanger for the audience. 🙂

Coming to the technical part, The BGM is just amazing by ajneesh Loknath, he has not compromised in anywhere in the movie. The cinematographers Lance Kaplan and David Williams has taken this movie to next level  with all the light setting the uplifts in the night scenes, has given the rich visuals in all the scenes. 🙂

Totally it’s a Pakka Paisa vasool Movie. Must worth a watch with family, overall a complete Thrilling entertainer it deserved to be watched more than once. 🙂

Ugly Truth: In a place like Karnataka this type experimented, well neatly made Movie is hard to find, the support will be totally Zero and people wouldn’t get turned ON as they do it for their favourite stars 😛 So its time to prove the facts wrong.. Go 🙂

Please people, Step forward and watch this wonderful show stealing movie RANGITARANGA 🙂